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2018 Street Art Collection (Special) 2019-01-12

2018 Street Art Collection (Special)

Probably the Best Street Art of 2018, all packed into one fine annual Collection. Just like every year, we ‘ve picked out the finest of works from everything that caught our attention during 2018. A rich variety of artistic content with works from all over the planet.Expressions of Hope, Love and Beauty that cities can be proud of. Our Annual Collection of 2018 street art works, asking for change in our cities and reminding us of who we are and what we are capable of. This is nothing but a small representation of what is out there. Each and every one of them deserve to be seen and this is our daily commitment towards you. Enjoy and share!


Sonny – Wild Playground – in Miami, Florida, USA


Faith XLVII mural – The progress of the truth of men – in Vanvouver, Canada


Herakut mural in Berlin (Picture by Tim Jentsch)


Smates in Cape Town, South Africa (Picture by Tim Jentsch)


NEVERCREW – “El oso plateado and the machine” in Phoenix (Arizona, USA)


Ernest Zacharevic – SOS – Carved landscape in palm oil plantation / Sumatra


Dede mural in Prague, Czech Republic.


DAle Grimshaw in London (Picture by Tim Jentsch)


Jerico wall – Ultimo Orizzonte – in Civita Castellana, Italy


Herr Nilsson wall in Stockholm, Sweden



Truly Design – Ground control to major Tom – New York Subway, USA


Pejac – shadowed tree in brick wall – New York city, USA


Chris Zidek / Sacred Geometry – Nashville, USA


KOZ DOS – Punto y flecha sobre el plano – in Bayonne, France


Vhils Endangerd species of the Tapanuli Orangutan in Sumatra – Medan, Indonesia


Stinkfish wall in Bogota, Colombia


Alessio Bolognesi – mural tribute to murdered human rights activist Marelle Franco – Ferrara, Italy


Elian Chali anamorphic mural in Valencia, Spain


Matthew Dawn in Ostend, Belgium (Picture by Tim Jentsch)


Helen Bur – shaved female prisoner by the Nazis – in Chemnitz, Germany


Wild Welva – Global Warning – at Gargar Festival in Penelles, Spain


TokTok – Yankee – intervention, Italy


Fikos mega wall in Patras, Greece


Vera Bugatti – 3D art for 200 years anniversary of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein – in Ingolstadt, Germany


Artez – Do not judge – mural in Tirana, Albania


Bozko & Urban Creatures – Nordic Warrior airplane – in Sofia, Bulgaria. Photographer: Vladimir Gruev


MTO – There’s no such thing as bad publicity – mural in Berlin, Germany


Bifido – Girl just wanna have fun – in Tirana, Albania


Warios -Calligraffiti on theatre roof top – in Rome, Italy. (Photo by Davide Abate)


Dimitris Taxis mural in Patras, Greece


Soda – 3D geometrical graffiti mural – Santa Croce di Magliano, Italy.


Manomatic – Don Quixote – Athens, Greece


ETNIK mural in Aurillac, France


WD street art connecting with the environment in Naxos, Greece


Raphael Gindt – Tory – in Luxemburg. Photo by Tim Jentsch


My Dog Sighs in Trastevere, Rome, Italy. Photo: Giulia Blocal


Mr Trazo psychedelic mural in La Victoria, Andalucia, Spain


Lula Goce mega mural in Belorado, Burgos, Spain


Deih – A New Beginning – Ciudad de Sangüesa, Spain


Snik – Gone Believer – stencil mural in Stavanger, Norway. Photo: Brian Tallman


The Orion & Paula Duta – honoring the Last male rhino in Sudan – in Sibius, Romania


AwerR – psychedelic mural – in Lodz, Poland


Tymon de Laat in Rotterdam, Netherlands



JDL (Judith de Leeuw) in Paris, France


Jorge Rodriguez Gerada – 102 year old Mrs Rufina – in Arguedas in Navarra, Spain


Said Dokins – NÆRHET / PROXIMITY – in  Stavanger, Norway. Photo by Brian Tallman


Peeta 3D graffiti in Gainesville, Florida, USA


ARCY mural in memory of Stephen Hawking, in Bristol, UK. (Picture by @kush1969)


Spy – Sun – Ibiza, Spain


Shepard Fairey & Vhils colaboration in Lisbon, Portugal


Cristian Blanxer mural – Más vale maña – in Zaragoza, Spain


No Title artist – eyes – in Haderslev, Sonderjylland, Denmark


Nuno Viegas – Glove and fat cap – in Terracina, Italy


Ben Slow  in Croydon, London, UK (Picture by Tim Jentsch)


Natalia Rak in Joensuu, Finland. Miska Photography


Bordalo II – The Wale – Downtown Las Vegas, USA


Zukclub wall  in Moscow, Russia


Leon Keer – 3D mural in Detroit, USA


Fabio Petani in Napoli, Italy


Zed1 – Allontanare la morte – Santander, Spain


Mino di Summa – Land of love – Stigliano, Italy


GOMAD wall in Bodegraven, Netherlands


Axel Void – PATERLOO – mural in Manchester, UK


Bane & Pest – the mill tower – in Chur, Switzerland


Smugone in  Antwerp – Picture by Tim Jentsch


ROA at work during IPAF 2018, Salt River, Cape Town. Photography by Oliver Petrie


A.L.I. fresco on Basketball court in France


Funky Cook wall in Mexico City, Mexico


BIP mural in Sao Paulo, Brasil


Aqualoopa mural in Warsaw, Poland


Nomad Clan mural in Belfast, N. Ireland. Picture: @sixmileimages


NME – Handle with care – in Dawlish, UK


TelmoMiel mural in Dortmund, Germany.


Oak Oak & Jaune in Gent, Belgium



Zabou in Saint-Dié, France


Dan Ferrer – the dance – in Burgos, Spain


GAIA – Requiem for Migrants – Belgium


iNO – Atlas holding the world – in Lodz, Poland


MEDIANERAS mural in San Juan Argentina


Lu Yorlano mural in Chascomús, Buenos Aires , Argentina


Magda Cwik expressionism in Raval – Barcelona, Spain



Sr.X mural in Shoreditch, London


Otto Schade in London, UK. (Picture by Tim Jentsch)


Kraser contemporary mural in Llano Del Beal, Murcia, Spain


Spaik mural in Skien, Norway


WOKE stencils – Reservoir Dogs Olympics – Toronto, Canada


Theo Vallier – old doors – in Phnom Penh Cambodia.


Murmure paste up in Caen, France


Eduardo Kobra mural on stone in Carrara, Italy.


Kas Art mural in Torre, Cascais, Portugal


MIKA Husser – Falling Ashes – in Bordeaux, France


Tyler stencil art in Mumbai, India


BKFOXX mural in Shoreditch – Brick Lane, London, UK. (photo: @virginie.f24)


Dourone mural – OPIA – in Oostend, Belgium


ADOR & CEET Fouad -Middle Age Battle – in Shenzhen, China


Ketones with HWJ Creative in London (Picture by Tim Jentsch)

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