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Welcome to the motherland of Street Art. The largest global art movement ever. THE STREET IΣ OUR GALLERY and we bring it to you.

”I Support Street Art’‘ is a non commercial website designed to inform and support street art from all over the world. This website contains a huge database of artist galleries, interviews, upcoming festivals and exhibitions while publishing fresh articles on a regular basis. Our social media channels offer further up to date news from the international street art scene.

As most content is sourced directly from the artists, this established community helps street art lovers and artists follow up on new styles and finding endless inspiration in a continuously evolving form of art. ISSA is an independent and open sourced platform that is run by a small team of street art enthusiasts located in several countries who are driven by their common passion.

Our mission is to bring to a wider audience urban creativity from around the world as well as supporting artists from all backgrounds and offer them a platform to present their artworks.


‘’I Support Street Art’’ initially started of as Facebook Page in 2010, specialising in supporting the fine talents of global street art. After growing rapidly and with public demanding an official presence, we have created this website, to offer better updates on a wider scale without Private social media restrictions. Street Art expression has its dignity and style, let us all support it.

The streets are becoming canvases offering colour and art to our everyday life! Share what inspires you and tell us your thoughts. Comment and share with your fellow art lovers!

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Do not hesitate to get in touch with us for any inquiry, including colaboration proposals / commisions / press / partnerships or even just to say hi.

In case you wish to contribute or be part of our team, dont think twice. – Get in touch with us straight away! We want you! 


Our Logo:

Inspired and designed by Polish Street Artist: Aqualoopa. The ISSA Pigeon, an urban bird that symbolises peace and adaptability in the urban environment. Very often, these birds silently observe and are the company for artists as they work!

Special thanx to:
Ligone, AC 3 Monitor, Blouh, JULYi, and all the passionate team members who are dedicated, just because they are as nuts as the administrator. Also a big salute to artists who inspired us and gave their support, such as WD, JPS, Theosone, Argyris Ser, Zabou, OakOak, FPLO, iNo, Simon Silaidis, Bacon, Blek Le Rat, Mapet, Eime, Aft, Jimmy C, Carne, MAS, Pegasus, AlessioB, TelmoMiel, Dourone, Magda Cwik, Eddie Colla, Stinkfish, Shai Dahan, The Stencil-Revolution and so many more.

We are also grateful to be collaborating with some of the finest Galleries, Organisations and Festivals for whom we have a special page here. Occasionally we collaborate with some passionate bloggers which should be visited by street art enthusiasts. Such are: Blocal-blog, StreetArt Amsterdam,

International Media have also been giving a hand. Here are a few: Gazeta Do Povo (Brasil) , Sic Noticias (Portugal), Aragon Tv (Spain), Villesenvie (France).

‘It is a huge honour for us to be a part of your website and news. Your portal is one of the street art culture pillars” Predrag Radovanovic (Pedja Te8) – President of  Urban Art Association in Belgrade 

The shared enthusiasm has been the drive in creating this community, with no borders, no discrimination and an open mind towards arts and inspiration.


Meet the team:

Estela Rojo


Estela A.K.A CESITALE. Im a spanish girl passionate about streetart, contemporary art, design and photography. I'm interested in everything related to the use of new technologies , applied to the Management and Dissemination of Cultural Organizations. Being part of an interdisciplinary and multicultural team is a great opportunity to learn and enjoy. It is Important to explore, Investigate and experiment in new fields, and street-art is one of the MOST interesting ones right now! Contact me: [email protected]



LikeStyler is an Arts & Entertainment Creator from Germany, @likestyler on Instagram. Well connected with international artists, musicians, and artivists that keep the communication low for good reasons. Important topics are primarily presented in the form of street art, videos and animations. The message is in the foreground. The main topics are against racism, discrimination or about ecology, ethics, philosophy for more humanity. For several years, LikeStyler has been a collaboration partner of I Support Street Art regarding networking, foto shooting, video creations, social media management and work in the streets. Street Art, the Art of Change can reach and inspire everyone and everywhere, also persons that don’t go to exhibitions or Arts & Culture events.

Philipp Gor

Philipp Gor

Im a Greek/Danish culture enthusiast who loves communicating ideas and inspirational thoughts. Among others I am passionate about supporting street art around the world. I believe we should reclaim public spaces and express ourselves through art on issues such as equality, human rights, the environment and global peace. I have 2 dogs and no TV. Contact me: [email protected]

Stéphane E. aka 4BLU

Stéphane E. aka 4BLU

Im a spanish/french Street Art fan, who loves to take lots of pictures of street art in Paris and other places i visit. Sometimes, I like to "participate" as well, leaving my stickers, stencils and some " naive Mr Sponge" characters in the streets of Europe, or taking pictures of my tiny characters. I am inspired by artists like Slinkachu and others.
Contact : [email protected]


Tomas, Portuguese guy

My name is Tomás, Portuguese guy living in Budapest, passionate about street art and huge fan of Sport Lisboa e Benfica. Fresh member of this great team and loving it every second. I love all kind of art, of course street art is the main passion, travelling around Europe to know more about the works and the artists that make our streets more interesting. My passion started in Lisbon, my hometown, and more recently with the Banksy Dismaland (which I had the opportunity to get in contact with amazing artists).
If you want to contact me drop a line to [email protected]
Cheers fellow street art fans

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