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We love researching and bringing to you the latest in street art. But it takes hundreds of hours and many Euros a month to sustain. Keeping it a clean, ad-free reading experience — which is important to us and, I hope, to you — means it’s subsidized by the generous support of readers like you: directly, through donations or by purchasing our stickers. So if you find any joy and stimulation in it, please consider a modest donation — however much you can afford, when it comes from the heart, it’s the kind of gesture that makes us warm with appreciation.

  • Tshirt by Eddie Colla

    Tshirt by Eddie Colla

    A fine quality black T shirt which carries the design of street artist Eddie Colla. His infamous female rebel is depicted wearing a mask, purely coincidental with the COVID-19 era. The ISSA logo placed discreetly in the back with our favourite hashtag (#thestreetisourgallery). It is a limited street wear for all. You can get your own with a donation above the value of 20 Euros. (Last pieces available M – XL)

  • Tshirt by Magda Cwik

    Tshirt by Magda Cwik

    A fine quality black T shirt which carries the design of Barcelona based street artist Magda Cwik. Our logo placed discreetly below the neck in the rear side makes this a classic limited street wear for all. Available to be yours with every donation above the value of 20 Euros. Choose from 3 sizes – S, M, and L. (Out of Stock)

  • ISSA Cap

    ISSA Cap

    A classic street wear cap that fits all. Black body with a white cover and our logo, this smart piece will help you investigate the city spaces and enjoy murals even if the sun is trying to get into your eyes!  Make this cap yours with a donation above 10 Euros, just state that you want it.

  • ISSA sticker pack

    ISSA sticker pack

    Six pack sticker special for your joy. This special collection of stickers is now available and include 6 different designs by 6 different street artists! Aqualoopa, Blouh, Theosone, Mark Goss and AC14 have brought forward their inspiration of what ‘I Support Street Art’ personifies. Offered to every donation above 50 Euros. (Mention Sticker Pack) – Low Availablity

  • ISSA Stickers

    ISSA Stickers

    Receive your pack of ISSA stickers! Slap them or stick em anywhere you like. You can even send back your pictures to be added on our exclusive page with stickers from around the World. Join the fun and Support us to keep bringing ever closer the real Street Art.

  • ISSA Colour Cap

    ISSA Colour Cap

    Inspired from the summer and using it all year round. We turned our classic street art cap into a colourful edition with a blue and red body, while keeping the white cover and our logo. Make this cap yours with a donation above 15 Euros, just mention the Colour Cap in your donation.

  • ISSA pins

    ISSA pins

    Get a set of five cool pins to support our activities and get everyone jealous. Ideal for your jacket, cap, hand bag or curtain! Receive your 5 pin set now by donating.

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