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Meeting Of Styles – 2019

Meeting Of Styles – 2019



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International Public Art Festival

International Public Art Festival

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The art of inspiring

The art of inspiring


Read: Discovering street art in Athens

Read: Discovering street art in Athens

by Ivana De Innocentis

SAM Magazine


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Mega wall by Zed1

Mega wall by Zed1 October 15th, 2019

“ The way to the sea“ by Zed1 at Monticello Conte Otto, Vicenza, Italy.  The work made for this wall celebrates the life and the research of happiness through the enthusiasm and the propensity to find ourself.

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New mural by Gola Hundun in Napoli

New mural by Gola Hundun in Napoli October 6th, 2019

The Path by Gola Hundun has been inspired by Enrico and Salvatore, two young boys from Naples who took part to the Xenia workshops.

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M-CITY New mural in Ragusa, Sicily

M-CITY New mural in Ragusa, Sicily October 1st, 2019

Legendary artist M-CITY recently made this fine artwork in a remote location outside Ragusa in Sicily for Festiwall. This piece is part of a series of works dedicated to the world of the titans,semi-human protagonists of a world in decline, on the suburbs of the empire.

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OZMO Mural for the victims of Morandi Bridge tragedy

OZMO Mural for the victims of Morandi Bridge tragedy August 16th, 2019

OZMO recently made this dedicated piece of art work refering to the Morandi bridge fall tragedy. Titled: ‘Psyche Revived by Cupids Kiss’, this site specific work is dedicated to the victims

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F CK For Parma – Italian Capital of Culture 2020

F CK For Parma – Italian Capital of Culture 2020 August 12th, 2019

Internationally acclaimed Street Artist Flavio Campagna KAMPAH (F CK) is going to have a big personal Multimedia Exhibition in his original town of Parma in the year 2020, when the city will be the Italian Capital of Culture for that year.

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Bifido new mural in Caserta (Italy)

Bifido new mural in Caserta (Italy) August 7th, 2019

Artist Bifido just finished his last mural in Caserta (Italy), on a school. The large mural talks about the power of imagination that lives in everyone,

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Alessio “Bolo” Bolognesi e VIDA KREI

Alessio “Bolo” Bolognesi e VIDA KREI June 25th, 2019

Alessio “Bolo” Bolognesi returns to paint in his city, Ferrara, together with Psiko, Edoardo Mendez and Stefano Capozzi, his companions in the Vida Krei crew. The project, requested by CGIL-SPI and APE (Estense Public Assistance), was carried out

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“Stagioni” – Greg Jager @ Turin

“Stagioni” – Greg Jager @ Turin April 17th, 2019

In Turin, a mural painting interacts with the environment. As a winner of “Collegno Si-Cura” call for artists, curated by Contrada Torino Onlus Foundationand promoted by the Municipality of Collegno (TO), Greg Jager was selected

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Joys’s new mural in Padua (Italy)

Joys’s new mural in Padua (Italy) March 23rd, 2019

The Italian street artist Joys, during the second week of March, has realized a huge murales, 200 mq, on a facade of a high school Duca d’Aosta in Padua, Italy.

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