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Etsom mural in Ascoli Piceno IT 2021-12-17

Etsom mural in Ascoli Piceno IT

We bring you the new work of the Italian artist Etsom as part of the “Arte Pubblica” project of the Associazione Culturale Defloyd which was realised from 27 September to 1 October 2021 in Ascoli Piceno (Italy).

The mural created by Alessandro Etsom in Ascoli Piceno (IT) is entitled “It takes a flower” like the project undertaken together with the disabled guests of the ANFFAS structure. A journey through the experience of activities such as clay manipulation, garden therapy and pet therapy, simple activities that in their genuineness contain important values. The sprout that is born in the hands wants to symbolize the birth of something new, where a seed “watered” with inclusion and participation has been planted.

The arboreal composition within which it is possible to distinguish the muzzle of a dog is a distinctive element of the artist’s imagination and wants to be a warning to look at things from a different perspective, with creativity and imagination.

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