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artist Raphael Gindt


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Raphael Gindt

Raphael Gindt is living the street-art in every form since he was a teenager. After many different artistic and pedagogical projects, he decided to launch his professionnel artistic career with only 19 years. At this age, Raphael didn’t got satisfied by only painting large walls, he started to work on glass, creating glass sculptures by cutting glass and painting with oil and spraypaint on it.
In 2016 he lauchned the expressive “Revive16“ painting production by painting his silhouette on an abstract and expressive way, only by oil paint and spaypaint drips.
In march 2016 he organised his 3rd solo exhibition.
In may 2016 Raphael Gindt found 2 artistique associations, so one to teach kids graffiti.

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