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Jerico new work for PUBBLICA 2018-02-17

Jerico new work for PUBBLICA

“The latest work of Jerico Cabrera Carandang for “PUBBLICA” project, residence of urban art created by Kill The Pig for the city of Civita Castellana (Italy), is born from the constant research of the possible convivence between Nature and Man.”

“A monumental urban wall conceived as a part of a largest and at the same time intimate artistic process. A three months journey in which the artist had the great opportunity to live and share daily adventures in close contact with the local community, conveying his personal impressions and feelings through several pictorial studios. Throughout his staying, the artist has also met the citizens and carried out numerous didactic activities with local students.

An urban project thought as an instrument for a subtle research of the deepest meaning, structure and surrounding, brought forward by the artist under the compositional outline; a work made up of ten paintings and thirty sketches, some of those modelled in clay. The artist has carried out a specific and personal research, following a clear design path among the poetics of the expressionism and the endless meanings of the pictorial abstraction.

A strong and charming experience depicted and conveyed through the canvas and the wall. This artistic journey has been shown for the first time on February 2, 2018 in Civita Castellana at the I.S.G. Colasanti Institute. A personal journal, containing the artist’s memories linked to his overall experience has also been displayed.

Bio Jerico: was born in the Philippines and at the age of 10 he moved with his family to Rome.He attended the art school, where he laid the foundations of his painting and lived the underground scene of the city, experimenting with mural techniques in order to create large works.”

More details of the piece in the gallery:

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Mail: [email protected]

Curator: Carlo Vignapiano

Photography: Sara Francola




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