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INO “Bomber” in Lodz 2018-09-29

INO “Bomber” in Lodz

In the beginning of September Greek artist INO was invited, by Urban Forms Foundation, to create an amazingly realistic piece in the city of Lodz, Poland. Inspired by mythology and modern day human power!

Fundacja Urban Forms is a project created in 2009 aiming to bring culture to the city of Lodz, Poland. Urban forms organise, promote and support independent artistic initiatives in public spaces. The artwork was made in Stare Baluty neighbourhood.

INO painted a huge figure of Atlas holding up a bomb. In Greek mythology, Atlas was a Titan condemned by Zeus to hold up the sky for eternity. In modern times, the artist makes a symbolism of human power, a weapon that is about to explode. The symbolism of paintings will of course be interpreted by the viewer, as ever, the artwork title “Bomber” can apply to several things.

Using his grayscale colour palette with touches of light blue, INO marked the building with a “fine art” mural that brought some life, and also reactions, to the area.


Gorgeus mural INO!!


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