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artist OSCH aka Otto Schade


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OSCH aka Otto Schade

Otto Alexis Schade is Chilean born with German roots, born in 1971.e is Artist, Architect and Urban Sculptor who left Chile to pursue his passion for art and ultimately show his work throughout Europe. Otto has based himself in London since 2006, where he lectures architecture at degree level.

He originally studied architecture at the Bio Bio University of Chile where his public and private designs won him numerous awards as a successful architect. Otto is constantly concerned with “breaking the flatness of a canvas”, as he describes it himself. His method involves a purely playful and experimental artistic impulse where images start to take place vibrantly and rather unexpected places and creatures begin to lend the artist to the final result. With an artistic style fluctuating between the boundaries of surrealism and abstract, the themes for his works are generally related to the artist’s private stories, offering a unique insight into his dreams and obsessions, as well as political issues.

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