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Mill Tower in Chur mural breaks record 2018-11-11

Mill Tower in Chur mural breaks record

Two years after the first idea, the wall by Bane & Pest is finally completed: the mill tower in Chur has become the largest mural in Switzerland!They are overjoyed and incredibly proud.

As the artists of this 40 meters tall mural explain: Even though words can not really describe our current emotional state, we would like to thank all those who accompanied, advised and supported us on the way reaching our goals. You know who you are! Will the lighthouse always guide you on the right way — just as you have done for us. All pictures, videos and further information about the project are available on

«Der Leuchtturm»
by Bane&Pest
Chur Switzerland 2018
Acrylic paint on concrete
24 x 40 meters

Fabian Florin did not come up with the idea for the subject on a drawing board in a Chur studio, but rather in Iceland, 2500 kilometers away. “During a trip through Iceland, the raw, archaic nature captivated me immensely. The more I dealt with the environment, the earth, the stones in Iceland, the more I realized the unbelievable nature we were given in Graubünden », says Bane. Due to the intensive study of the rock, the respect for time grew. Time that is able to lure Grisons nature treasures. Treasures like the oldest local gemstone: the Bündner Kristall. “The oldest city in Switzerland, represented by the oldest Graubünden gemstone – the picture in my mind’s eye fit perfectly,” continues Florin.

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