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artist AweR


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AWER with his interesting artistic style decorates with mostly animals and some portraits. Particular and creepy at the same time.  Awer was born in 1986 on the cliffs of Polignano a Mare, a small city on the seaside close to Bari (Italy). He has been making graffiti art since the young age of 14, developing his characters into robots represented on many walls in all over Italy.

He draws hypnotic creatures and oniric worlds with the attempt to distract people from the boredom of everyday life, he is a master of hypnotic graffiti giving life to artistic remedies and solutions to excape from human troubles with a mind trick. He has been living and studying in Milano where he started his artistic career and new collaborations. Currently he lives and works between Italy and Berlin. He took part in several exhibitions and festivals in whole Italy, Poland, Berlin, Paris and Los Angeles.

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