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artist Mino di Summa


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Mino di Summa

Mino di Summa (born in 1986) , graduated from Instituto Statale d’Arte of Grottaglie (Italy) and has a bachelor of science degree in Architecture at La Sapienza University of Rome. For fifteen years he has been in close contact with the artists of the cities, keeping the passion for art and especially for painting.”Based on the study of the true subjects, whether figures, landscapes or anything else, the goal is to steal the soul or the atmosphere of the place. So, if you see someone standing in front of a tripod with something in his hand, it may not be a surveyor that detects a ground, but that’s me!”

In addition to painting, at the age of 16, he started by chance to do “madonnaro”, which means, to paint the Saint on the asphalt with chalk, during the day parades in Salento (Puglia – south of Italy), his homeland. This art was then developed and events are organized internationally.

He has traveled to Mexico, France and Florida. Thanks to this art, he has had the opportunity to confront with the greatest international artists and to learn new languages like Spanish and English. He has also received a number of prizes! This has helped him to be invited to new festivals and discover new places, cultures and people. For years he has been painting on walls and he is satisfied that he simply offers everyone the opportunity to enjoy an artistic work.

”For me is the chance to implement my skills as artist and as architect. I am aware that I have received a gift and I want to value it, by giving emotions and smiles.”

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