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SpY`s SUN for HOPE Massive urban installation 2018-09-12

SpY`s SUN for HOPE Massive urban installation

BLOOP International Proactive Art festival Ibiza, this year dedicated to the theme HOPE launches another piece of art. A massive installation by SpY named SUN popped up in the heart of Ibiza. This installation is a circle in gold, made with golden thermal blankets that are often used for emergencies.

This installation is located on one of the busiest streets of Ibiza Town with tourists from around the world. An interpretation could be that SpY sought to shed light upon the plight of the immigrants who ashore on Europe in search of a brighter future, and the contrast between the two worlds.


This piece is part of the OpenAir.Gallery, a long-term project to change the urban landscapes of an entire island, and it was one of the first when it started back in 2011. It truly embodies the festival`s ethos “ART IS FOR EVERYBODY”. Currently, it continues to grow its collection reaching nearly 30 murals and installations sprinkled across Ibiza island. SpY`s SUN is the fourth contribution this year to BLOOP Festival`s OpenAir.Gallery project. Previously Said Dokins, INO and more have left their colors on the white isle.

SpY is an urban artist whose first endeavors date back to the mid-eighties. Shortly after, already a national reference as a graffiti artist, he started to explore other forms of artistic communication in the streets. His work involves appropriation of urban elements through transformation or replication, commentary on urban reality, and interference in its communicative codes.

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