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artist Fabio Petani


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Fabio Petani

Fabio Petani was born in 1987 in the summer in Pinerolo. After the scientific high school, he graduated in cultural heritage at lecter and philosophy university of Turin City with a thesis on street art and the street culture, starting when it was born to nowdays.
This research approaches him to the artistic landscape and soon he starts collaborating with the activity of Street art Tourin, with the aim to let everybody knows the backstages and the particularity of the main walls along the city. After that, with Corn 79, MrFijodor, Etnik, Tenente and Claiudia de Giorgis, he is the new entry of the “Il cerchio e le gocce” association (they are very active on the artistic Turin landscape but not only).
After workways for the Cosso’s Fondation at the Miradolo Castle, located in the Turin circunday, with the Cesmap (Pinerolo’s Museum), many graphic and communications factories, other events management agencies, he counts many artistic co operations with some turin reality such as SAMO. Since 2014 he is part of StreetAlps team, an urban art festival developed around Pinerolo and since 2015 he is part of Murarte Torino group.
Although he hasn’t ever attended specific art school or academy, he has always been interested in astract form whom become the subject of many works. In every painting you can see clearly an untidy armonic of lines, forms and volumes that mix each others with light colours and broken elements. His way thought symbolism and abstractism into his last works analyzes above all a chemical and molecular appearance of the persons. the works are murals mixed with abandoned industrial location and works on paper and canvas made with paint, spray and ecoline.
The artistic journey sees the construction of the wall and on other media of works characterized by the presence of chemical elements. This choice was born to merge works with the context in which they are made: every element has a link with the environment, the space or the territory where the murals has been made. From here, the journey carries on with with paper works, canvas and alternative supports, with the aim to finish the periodic table with a works group which tell you the alchemy between art, chemistry and space.

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