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artist Airborne Mark


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Airborne Mark

Airborne Mark has been very active on the graffiti and street art scene in the UK for over 10 years. However, his journey with spray paint started in 1995 in Poland, where he comes from. He is particularly know for his bold origami theme. Such has been his involvement on the UK street art scene that he is mentioned in Banksy’s unauthorised biography “The Man behind the Wall” by Will Ellsworth-Jones.

Intricately layered animals and trademark paper folds are the key elements of his vibrant illustrative style. Theme driven and large in scale each mural reveals yet another inhabitant from an imaginary world called “ORIGAMIA.”

Airborne Mark’s technique is largely based on real life origami elements and figures, which can be actually folded and therefore are painted form reference. However, recently his inspiration has been increasingly expanding into uniquely designed paper styled fantastical pieces.

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