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Desértico – Mr. Trazo in La Victoria, Andalusia 2018-07-10

Desértico – Mr. Trazo in La Victoria, Andalusia

Spanish artist Mr. Trazo created this stunning mural in La Victoria, Spain. “Desert” is part of the new series: Retro Trastos, a collection of portraits with a nostalgic look that evoke past eras.”When the time was long and peaceful, and allowed a natural-artisan production, which denoted the value of the well-made in balance with nature and, in disagreement with certain objects serials that pursued indoctrination and alignment.”


And in contrast to the use of time, a current accelerated world transforms it into an immense source of consumption and benefits, preferring profitability to sustainability and quality, while maintaining the lesson generating new products and contents that encourage consumption.”

SIZE: 4,50 meters x 3,50 meters

LOCATION: La Victoria, Andalusia, for ArtSur Festival

YEAR: 2018

PIC: by Mario Rodríguez

Great mural Mr. Trazo!


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