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Baz-Art presents the 2nd International Public Art Festival in Salt River, CT

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South Africa will experience its second annual International Public Art Festival (IPAF), a 9-day festival to be held from 10 to 19 February 2018, in the community of Salt River. (more…)


Mural by female artist ZURIK launches 2018 Proyect 12+1 in Barcelona

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Born in Bogotá / Colombia, Zurik is an urban artist and graphic designer who began writing graffiti 7 years ago while pursuing her career as a graphic designer at the National University of Colombia. (more…)


”Home”, public art installation by Ian Strange and Nuart

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Nuart’s strategy to reduce the gap between art and everyday life continues apace with the installation of two new art billboards, featuring work by world-renowned artist Ian Strange. (more…)


Origami Wolf spotted in streets of London

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A roaming Origami Wolf is looking for a prey to devour. It is the work of Airborne Mark who is somewhat known for his bold origami style. (more…)

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Tymon de Laat

Tymon de Laat alias “MeLikePainting” is an artist from the Netherlands. Tymon was born in 1979 and grew up in Delft and graduated from the Willem de Kooning Academy. His work can be found all over the world, especially on concrete and canvas in his hometown Rotterdam.

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Stikki Peaches’ work has been seen in the urban areas of Paris, New York, Toronto, Los Angeles, Berlin, Stockholm and London. Though covering international landscapes with his pop-culture referenced, lowbrow street art, Stikki Peaches has also added to his ongoing street tapestry in his hometown of Montreal, Canada.

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Presenting our latest interview with Peeta. A talented multidisciplinary artist from Venice, Italy. His 3D art in graffiti and sculpturing has evolved it into a full visual experience that simply drags you out of this world. Find out what inspires him, what his future plans are and much more in our first interview of the year!


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January 13, 2018 to February 24, 2018

“Between Heart and Heaven “

A collective exhibition  by street artists Berri Blue, Godmess and Hazul. This show seeks a meeting between the most carnal side and the most divine side of the human being. Even the visitor can create a small story there is his image and measure.


January 18, 2018 to February 11, 2018

12+1 de Sant Feliu

Contorno Urbano presents a Group Exhibition with all the artist who have painted a wall the last yeart in their project


January 25, 2018 to February 04, 2018

Martin Gerstenberger & Odour Odessa

In a joint exhibition, the artists show  Martin Gerstenberger and Odor Odessa their wood sculptures, in a combination of finds and elements of eachown sign language occupy the 3-dimensional space.


January 19, 2018 to February 25, 2018


In the same way that light can be split up into different wavelengths, this group exhibition titled SPECTRUM breaks down and analyzes the contemporary muralist movement and the studio work of those who carry it out, from the perspective of the curator Jean Claude Geraud (France, 1988).

Muralism is an art discipline that does not limit itself to express lexical and visual elements that we all see and that are obvious, but it also adds a series of conditions (location, moment, social influence, political and cultural events, etc.) that define what the final art piece transmits to the viewer


November 30, 2017 to February 10, 2018

J. Demsky – Brad Howe

GR Gallery is pleased to present “OFF THE WALL”, a duo exhibition by Brad Howe and J. Demsky.


January 26, 2018 to February 17, 2018


Galerie Mathgoth presents a group exhibition full of interesting artists,


January 20, 2018 to February 16, 2018


After three years, the artist returns to exhibit in her hometown, selecting PHILOBIBLON GALLERY’s Rome exhibition space to show her new body of work.


January 13, 2018 to February 24, 2018

DAYDREAMING by German artist MAD C

Daydreaming is a force, which enables us to leave reality while  we are physically awake. It takes us to a happy place, where we can bring ideas to life and regain strength and motivation. For MadC, daydreaming is an essential source of inspiration and a daily routine while painting.


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Forgotten Project

Forgotten is an urban art project created in 2015 with an aim of giving more value to the contemporary architectural heritage of the city of Rome through street art. The goal of forgotten project is to make people more conscious of their contemporary heritage. (more…)

BAZ-ART organisation

BAZ-ART is a non-profit organisation dedicated to harnessing the power of art for the benefit of the public. It aims to commission, preserve, interpret and promote public art of any styles and forms. This includes street art, public art, graffiti, fine art, finger painting, spray painting and many other forms of artistic expression in South Africa. (more…)

Arte Publica Leiria

“Leiria, paredes com história: ARTE PÚBLICA” is a public art event organized by the association Riscas Vadias, in partnership with Câmara Municipal de Leiria, and curated by Ricardo Romero | Projecto Matilha. (more…)

Nuart Festival

Nuart is an international contemporary street and urban art festival, held annually in Stavanger, Norway since 2001. From the first week of September an invited international team of street artists leave their mark on the city’s walls, both indoor and out, creating one of Europe’s most dynamic and constantly evolving public art events. (more…)

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Special Christmas – Street Art Collection

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Ho-ho-ho! Its Christmas time, whatever that means for each one of you! So we ve picked some of the coolest seasonal walls and came up with a Collection from around the World to celebrate together. Enjoy, share and spread the love!


Millo’s latest murals in Shanghai

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Italian street artist Millo, who paints large scale murals in simple black and white lines and occasional colour, has just finished two new mega murals in Shanghai, China. The works which have an element of architecture seem to bless the surrounding area. Their content expresses inner thoughts and habbits. Check out the works and enjoy tha magic of Millo!