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”The Other” by Gleo in São Paulo, Brazil

On: big walls / characters / female artist / Festivals / walls /

This 40 meters high and 9 meters wide wall is where Gleo applied her latest work for Nufestival, in São Paulo, Brazil. Titled,¨El Otro¨/ ”The Other”, it is an interpretation of our interior ego that took the artist 15 days to create. (more…)


Jim Vision’s huge wall in East London

On: 3D / abstract / big walls / characters / graffiti / inspirational /

Jim Vision presented his latest work in East London. An absolutely stunning and massive mural that will lift every last hair that is left on your back. The founder of EndoftheLine, has named the wall: ‘Paradise Lost, in the midst of things’.



Intruso Intervention in Venezuela

On: abstract / animals / colours / geometrics /

Street Artist Intruso visited a conflict area in Venezuela and made the place more colorful!! Acompanied by the petic text of Alex Trujillo the artist has created a moment of praising towards birds and the common ground it shares with man. (more…)


Top 99 Cities for Graffiti Art

On: awards / Festivals / graffiti / walls /

Bombing Science recently released their latest research article that looks intensively into which cities are most popular for Graffiti art. (more…)

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Luis Casas

Luis Casas is an artist from Havana, Cuba. He started painting on the street searching a new things for his work

Works on: animals / characters / children / Collaboration / collage / contemporary / freehand / graffiti / instalations / portraits / realistic / stencil / stickers / walls /

Elbi Elem

I live and work in Barcelona. I started making kinetic sculpture in 2002. Abstract by nature, with a clear interest in the movement and composition of forms in space, volume is very important in my work.

Works on: 3D / abstract / big walls / female artist / geometrics / girl power / walls /

Finally we got the opportunity to speak with the artist behind the series Paper Planes. Nuno Viegas opened his doors in Rotterdam and explained to us how all started and what he is up to nowadays.


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November 04, 2017 to October 26, 2017


Aftear achieving a wide international acclaim, BORDALO II will be presenting in Portugal his first big solo show: “ATTERO” (*).


October 18, 2017 to March 31, 2018


URBAN ART FESTIVAL 2017 is the successful collaboration between two Amsterdam based non-profit organizations: Urban Art Now and R.U.A. – Reflexo on Urban Art.  They present the 6th edition of the largest yearly Urban Art Festival of the Netherlands. Both platforms have been active for many years at a local, national and international level, organizing street art events, that include cultural exchanges, artist residencies, exhibitions, lectures, workshops, debates and tours and large-scale mural paintings.


October 26, 2017 to October 29, 2017

Meeting Of Styles Peru

This year the Meeting Of Styles Peru will be held in the Constitutional Province of Callao, just 20 minutes from Lima Centro, in the “Pasaje el Aguila” / Minka (39 Av Argentina) and in the Barrio de Zarumilla. 


October 25, 2017

Wall & Space

Wall & Space – Kongress and Workshop


December 08, 2017 to December 10, 2017

Meeting of Styles Ecuador 2017

The biggest graffiti festival in the world comes to Ecuador in the city of Machachi. The best artists of urban art, as well as activities such as robot battles, concerts, mapping that will give different and entertaining alternatives for the attendees.


June 01, 2017 to November 05, 2017

“DEBRIS” by Vhils

 This is the second installment of an ongoing series of traveling solo exhibitions by Vhils.

April 01, 2017 to November 30, 2017

WallBook Art Festival

Wallbook is an activity that involves the collective to rejuvenate and refurbish urban furniture.


April 09, 2017 to November 05, 2017

UrbanArt Biennale 2017

The UrbanArt Biennal is a new UrbanArt Forum, which is presented in the unique atmosphere of the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Völkilnger Hütte.


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Arte Publica Leiria

“Leiria, paredes com história: ARTE PÚBLICA” is a public art event organized by the association Riscas Vadias, in partnership with Câmara Municipal de Leiria, and curated by Ricardo Romero | Projecto Matilha. (more…)

Nuart Festival

Nuart is an international contemporary street and urban art festival, held annually in Stavanger, Norway since 2001. From the first week of September an invited international team of street artists leave their mark on the city’s walls, both indoor and out, creating one of Europe’s most dynamic and constantly evolving public art events. (more…)


BLOOP International Proactive Art Festival takes place every year in Ibiza during July and August since 2011. It is completely independent, self financed and all activities are for free. (more…)

Urban Festival IBUG

The IBUg an Urban Culture Festival is in central Germany, a laboratory for international urban artists and a way of life. IBUg your life and get together! What started as an unofficial graffiti Meeting, has developed into an urban culture project of international renown since 2006. (more…)

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Nuart 2017: MaisMenos

On: black & white / industrial / instalations / lettering/calligraphy / partner news / politics / rooftops / walls /

Back at Nuart after three years of absence, the Portuguese artist ±MaisMenos± realized two outdoor pieces in the Norwegian city of Stavanger.


WALL-KING Belorado first wall by Alegria del Prado

On: big walls / ethnic / Festivals / illustrations / inspirational / partner / partner news / walls /

The artistic duet Alegria del Prado have just painted a mural in the context of a partnership between the town hall of (Spain) and the commissioner of Starter Culture Projects.