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Look into our Partners

Discover the person behind the art!

Discover the person behind the art!



A New Generation of Muralists

The art of inspiring

The art of inspiring


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Interview: Nespoon

Interview: Nespoon

Talking about positive art

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Luca Ledda

Luca Ledda 08/14/2023

Luca Ledda (*1984)  is an Italian painter and muralist based in Turin. After graduating in illustration from the European Institute of Design(IED), he starts working in the advertising industry.

After a few years, he decides to focus entirely on his development as a visual artist. He starts painting his illustrations on walls and discovers his passion for urban art and muralism. He participated in many international festivals and exhibitions in Europe and Latin America. His grotesque and surrealist style is easily recognizable due to its strong visual impact. (more…)

Jupiterfab new mural on modern society

Jupiterfab new mural on modern society 04/10/2023

Bringing you the last mural from Jupiterfab, an Italian artist based in Mexico, on his ongoing project “Is this modern society?”. It looks into the need for a balanced use in todays digital technology that has overtaken our lives. (more…)

Your Roots project by JupiterFab

Your Roots project by JupiterFab 12/05/2022

The latest project by artist Jupitefab was to complete a painting of all the concrete walls of a church in San Luis Gonzaga which is part of the architectonic heritage of the city and had suffered vandalism activities in recent years; therefore rehabilitating it. (more…)

STMTS mural in Athens for Generation 17

STMTS mural in Athens for Generation 17 11/24/2022

Athens based artist STMTS, recently finished his latest mural in the centre of this ancient city, in an effort to communicate an urgent call to society in relation with the climate crisis issues. This work was done as part of the “Generation 17” initiative (more…)

”They Went To Sea” mural composition by Yola

”They Went To Sea” mural composition by Yola 10/20/2022

The city of Doncaster sees another incredible work of street art injected into the heart of the city by acclaimed international artist Jola Kudela, known professionally as Yola. (more…)

Can Art Help Fight a War?

Can Art Help Fight a War? 08/23/2022

Shepard Fairey, local artists and curator Iryna Kanishcheva stand for Ukraine with a powerful action and fundraising in Gainesville, Florida. The power of public art in connecting people, raising awareness and positive social change is illustrated by a documentary launched now. (more…)

Pro Heroes 15

Pro Heroes 15 08/22/2022

ProHeroes, was born in July 1990 in Nea Makri, a small town near the city of Athens. The first time he got his hands dirty with colors was around 2003, in a paint shop warehouse that belonged to his grandfather. It was there that he had his first experience with the art of stencil, painting and drawing. In 2006 he began his studies in Interior Design, a profession which he never actively engaged with. (more…)

Happy Family by Jupiterfab in Guadalajara

Happy Family by Jupiterfab in Guadalajara 07/26/2022

New mural “HAPPY FAMILY” created by Jupiterfab next to next to the biggest market in Guadalajara. It is a reflection about the disconnection caused by digital technology, eating junk food, the overuse of digital apps. (more…)

Ernest Zacharevic reveals ‘Transboundary Haze’

Ernest Zacharevic reveals ‘Transboundary Haze’ 06/06/2022

To coincide with World Environment Day, Lithuanian Artist Ernest Zacharevic reveals ‘Transboundary Haze’, a new artwork in Kuala Lumpur launching a collaboration with Greenpeace, Splash and Burn and filmmakers Studiobirthplace. (more…)


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Interview: Nespoon

Interview: Nespoon

Talking about positive art.

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