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Pro Heroes 15

ProHeroes, was born in July 1990 in Nea Makri, a small town near the city of Athens. The first time he got his hands dirty with colors was around 2003, in a paint shop warehouse that belonged to his grandfather. It was there that he had his first experience with the art of stencil, painting and drawing. In 2006 he began his studies in Interior Design, a profession which he never actively engaged with. In September of 2009, after graduating from college he got closer to knowing what path to follow. He signed up for a graphics design course. That same year he started looking up artists that will end up influencing him and his future work (OBEY, Banksy, Brainwash, Cope2, Keith Haring, B., and more).

After graduating, around 2011 he discovered his love for illustration and sticker design. In 2015 he starts his activity under the name ProHeroes and since then he never stops learning more and evolving his style. ProHeroes is here.

Fuck the art, let’s make propaganda!

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