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artist Mariana Duarte Santos


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Mariana Duarte Santos

Mariana Duarte Santos is a visual artist from Lisbon, Portugal. She works in oil painting, drawing, printmaking and most recently mural paintings. The artist uses a figurative drawing with literary and cinematographic influences. She likes to deal with issues related to memory, collective identity and local histories.

Her pieces reflect the way she observes and perceives the world. She prefers to incorporate herself into it as both, a silent voyeur and as an enquirer who seeks to learn more about the subjects, their emotional state and the predicaments they face.

Mariana Duarte Santos was born in 1995 in Lisbon, Portugal. She studied at an arts specialized high school and later went on to studying drawing and printmaking at university. She’s had group and solo shows in Portugal, Spain, U.S.A., U.K. and in Ireland. In 2019 she painted her first large scale outdoor mural and since then has participated in several street art festivals and has over 20 murals to date throughout Portugal and in Spain, Luxembourg and Ireland

Her subject is mostly people and how they relate to space (be it physical or psychological). Being influenced by other art forms like literature and cinema, she tries and uses a narrative to suggest what the characters are doing, may just have done or are about to do. As well as thoughts or doubts they might be experiencing.

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