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artist Samir Toumi a.k.a Iramo


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Samir Toumi a.k.a Iramo

Born in 1992 in Rabat, Samir Toumi a.k.a Iramo grew up in Casablanca. He is a self-taught man who had his first contact with his talent with expressing his love for the Wydad AC team through tags in his city and as a major Tifosi at the origin of spectacular Tifos recognized worldwide in the football environment. His passion for Street Art continued to grow and pushed him to start his Crew in 2015 and push the limits of his potential. His career has since been rich in contributions in Morocco and elsewhere.His artistic approach highlights the scenes of everyday Moroccan life by translating tiny common manifestations that make him the broker between the said and the unspoken. Scenes that transcend generations, bring Moroccans together and strengthen their identity.
In its expression. The human occupies the entire frame, using a color palette reminiscent of the snapshots of good memories of yesteryear, which have survived the passage of time but which rekindle moments expanded within time and the motion of emotion. Iramo invites you to navigate through narratives of warm moments and the delicacy of the exchange.

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