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London Mural Festival 2024 check the website

September 05, 2024 to September 29, 2024

London’s biggest street art celebration! Produced by Global Street Art, London Mural Festival returns to the capital’s streets this September with over 100 murals planned, free for everyone to enjoy, from some of the world’s best street artists. Themed around ‘connection’, the festival will bring together thousands of artists, communities, and visitors to celebrate London’s diverse people and places.

To top it off, we’re planning an incredible programme of live events.

Follow up on their latest news and Interviews ahead of this great event! 


In August 2020, the UK’s leading painting company, Global Street Art, launched the first London Mural Festival, with over 200 artists from around the world painting across 75 different sites in 13 London boroughs. London Mural Festival greatly contributed to the amount of public art across London while giving artists opportunities to showcase their work in public. Four years later, the vast majority of the murals from the first London Mural Festival remain.

In 2024, Global Street Art will host the second London Mural Festival, which promises to be one of the world’s biggest celebrations of street art. We hope to help foster a sense of pride in where people live and to bring positivity, unity, and colour to the streets of London.

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