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artist Luca Ledda


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Luca Ledda

Luca Ledda (*1984)  is an Italian painter and muralist based in Turin. After graduating in illustration from the European Institute of Design(IED), he starts working in the advertising industry.

After a few years, he decides to focus entirely on his development as a visual artist. He starts painting his illustrations on walls and discovers his passion for urban art and muralism. He participated in many international festivals and exhibitions in Europe and Latin America. His grotesque and surrealist style is easily recognizable due to its strong visual impact. Naked outside and emptied of any human feeling or experience inside, these characters express the agony of nothingness, of direct confrontation with their dark selves, where good no longer have opportunities to grow.

Floral Universe is a place where nature and the universe meet and create an alternative dimension in which the viewer feels overwhelmed. It is a space for reflection that allows one to connect with a surreal world created by the artist.

Regarding technique, Luca mostly plays with acrylic on canvas and wall, but also experiments with wood and plexiglass. From a chromatic perspective, red and white, as well as dark colors are a constant in his works.

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