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Meeting Of Styles – 2022

Meeting Of Styles – 2022

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The art of inspiring


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Read: 4th Vukovart – Street Art Festival

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Spaik splashes colours for upcoming BLOOP event

Spaik splashes colours for upcoming BLOOP event 07/22/2022

As a preview event for this year’s BLOOP event, Spaik comes back to splash colors on the white isle of Ibiza for the 4th time. Inspired by his native folklores, a herd of vibrant colored sea creatures such as narwhals (whose horn is a chimney!) (more…)

Gerada Mural “Wishing for Wings”

Gerada Mural “Wishing for Wings” 07/12/2022

Mural brings attention to the depopulation of rural areas of Spain and across the world. Created for the annual GarGar Festival in Penelles, Lleida, Spain. (more…)

ETNIK new wall in Novara, Italy

ETNIK new wall in Novara, Italy 07/05/2022

Favourite and talented artist ETNIK has just finished this wall for the Parklife project in the city of Novara, Italy. It is situated on a building belonging to international company Prologis. (more…)

Fabio Petani new mural in Sardinia

Fabio Petani new mural in Sardinia 07/04/2022

Talented artist Fabio Petani is back and has shared with us his last mural painted in San Gavino for the festival Non Solo Murales San Gavino in the south of the Sardinia island in Italy. Its title is :CROCETIN & ASPHODEL (more…)

‘BEYOND WALLS’ links Northern Ireland

‘BEYOND WALLS’ links Northern Ireland 06/18/2022

‘BEYOND WALLS’ – the largest human chain in the world links Northern Ireland. Swiss-based French graffiti artist Saype’s worldwide ‘Beyond Walls’ project extends its symbolic human links to Northern Ireland. (more…)

Ernest Zacharevic reveals ‘Transboundary Haze’

Ernest Zacharevic reveals ‘Transboundary Haze’ 06/06/2022

To coincide with World Environment Day, Lithuanian Artist Ernest Zacharevic reveals ‘Transboundary Haze’, a new artwork in Kuala Lumpur launching a collaboration with Greenpeace, Splash and Burn and filmmakers Studiobirthplace. (more…)

Holly Pereira mural in Belgrade

Holly Pereira mural in Belgrade 05/29/2022

This is a 21 metre tall depiction of a girl weaving a traditional Serbian rug, celebrating the work that women do, and also trying to highlight the cultural importance of textile arts – something that often is relegated to the pejorative area of “craft”! (more…)

Festival brightens up Belfast streets

Festival brightens up Belfast streets 05/12/2022

Renowned international and local artists have left their mark on Belfast with over 50 new murals now adorning walls across the city as part of the 2022 ‘Hit the North’ Street Art Festival, supported by Hennessy. (more…)

ArtWalk 7 reveals first mural

ArtWalk 7 reveals first mural 05/11/2022

Emmanuel Jarus traveled from Canada to Greece in order to attend the 7th International Street Art Festival Patras ArtWalk and create the first mural of this year’s event. (more…)


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