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artist Poti World


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Poti World

Little colorful beings of happiness began to dance, jump, and fly, spreading across the city. They rapidly expanded to the whole country and continued to spread worldwide. The artist never fails to bring them to life wherever he goes, whether by painting, hanging or pasting them. It is highly possible that you’ve noticed them in the streets of Tokyo, New York, Paris, Barcelona, and the list goes on…

In a desire to evolve and push further, Poti started to mix portraits with his signature creatures. By removing all the outlines and shading their interior, realistic faces appear in a very unique and vibrant way. From simplistic to realistic, two worlds collide to create a new singular universe. Focused on spreading love, positivity, and happiness, most of the murals exhibit big and beautiful smiles. The artist is on a mission to paint murals as big as possible, everywhere in the world, to put a smile on everyone who sees his art.

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