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Meeting Of Styles – 2021

Meeting Of Styles – 2021

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The art of inspiring


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Read: 4th Vukovart – Street Art Festival

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Fabio Petani mural for Florales Festival

Fabio Petani mural for Florales Festival 05/17/2021

AES & SMILAX ASPERA is the title of the latest majestic work presented by talented artist Fabio Petani, which was made for Florales Festival in Teti, Italy. A Project by Associazione Culturale Skizzo and Riccardo Pinna. (more…)


Taquen 05/09/2021

Taquen was born in Coruña, Spain (1992). Based in Madrid, he graduated in Fine Arts from the Complutense University of Madrid. Interested in changes, movement and the relationship between human beings and the environment during this process. He perceives urban art as a tool for positive transformation and social cohesion, understanding space as something shared and that we must respect. (more…)

Fabio Petani basket playground

Fabio Petani basket playground 04/27/2021

DIOSSIDO DI CARBONIO & CALATHEA MAKOYANA is the title of the latest stunning artwork of Fabio Petani, for the StreetArtBall project, a regeneration project of the city of Bergamo to paint basketball courts. (more…)

Nerone completes striking ‘Belladonna’ mural in New Brighton

Nerone completes striking ‘Belladonna’ mural in New Brighton 04/21/2021

As the first stage easing of lockdown came in the UK last week, a huge new street art piece by French artist Nerone was completed in New Brighton’s independent Victoria Quarter. The artwork features Nerone’s unique and colourful, (more…)

Chekos mural for the Future in Milan

Chekos mural for the Future in Milan 04/20/2021

′′To the Future′′ is the title of a recent mural by Chekos in Milan for an event organised by Street Art In Store. A work that becomes a symbol of courage, freedom and will in chasing our dreams. (more…)

Darren John

Darren John 04/19/2021

Darren believes that when we lead with curiosity and playfulness, we have the power to truly expand our worlds. This mindset is at the core of his artworks, both in the studio and in the public realm. Born 1987 and raised in a flat roofed council house in Farnborough, Darren spent his early formative years studying and practicing karate at one of the toughest Karate Clubs in the country. He trained hard under Sensei Dave Bishop and won many titles all over the UK. (more…)


Llukutter 04/11/2021

Urban artist and Social Educator, born and residing in Lleida. His work focuses mainly on the stencil technique (template) although he does not miss the opportunity to discover and practice other muralism techniques. Provide more color where it is needed and generate a reaction, a change or at least, not leave indifferent. Growing at the same rate as large projects, large initiatives, with great enthusiasm and without losing the essence, believes in those around him and values everything that can offer, believes in the value of what you do and what you can show the rest. (more…)

Wild Beasts x Darren John Equality Public Art Project

Wild Beasts x Darren John Equality Public Art Project 04/09/2021

Wild Beasts Art Agency is unveiling ”Education Is The Key To Unlock Equality”, a public art initiative in collaboration with London based artist, Darren John. Darren’s signature graphic artwork is displayed across two large scale banners, (more…)

Alaska – Patagonia Adventure Mural

Alaska – Patagonia Adventure Mural 03/25/2021

Tim Marsh ‘s latest mural celebrates an expedition between two poles on the longest road in the world, to discover the geography and the soul of the American continent. (more…)


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