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Meeting Of Styles – 2021

Meeting Of Styles – 2021

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Best of 2018

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The art of inspiring


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Read: 4th Vukovart – Street Art Festival

Read: 4th Vukovart – Street Art Festival

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Lula Goce

Lula Goce 06/02/2021

Lula Goce was born in Baiona, Galicia. ”I grew up with salty air, homesickness, barnacles and dizzle. I graduated in Fine Arts, spezialing in paiting at Salamanca University.” (more…)

Elisa Capdevila

Elisa Capdevila 04/09/2021

Elisa Capdevila (1994) is a painter and muralist from Barcelona. She began training in classical drawing and painting at the age of twenty after leaving a career in science. She made her first mural the following year and discovered in this artistic discipline a very powerful form of communication that caught her immediately. As an urban artist, her work is imbued with the great interest that the artist shows in human issues, such as personal relationships, intimacy and everyday life. (more…)

Jay Kaes honours First Black Professional Footballer

Jay Kaes honours First Black Professional Footballer 10/29/2020

The world’s first black professional footballer and first fastest man on the planet Arthur Wharton has been honoured with a huge mural by Spanish Street Artist Jay Kaes. (more…)

Fintan Magee New mural in Newcastle Australia

Fintan Magee New mural in Newcastle Australia 10/27/2020

‘Shadow’ is the title of the new work by Fintan Magee in Newcastle, Australia for Big Picture festival. This work painted alongside a statue of Australia’s first female mayor faces Civic park and the old civic train station in central Newcastle. (more…)

ArtWalk delivers the 4th mural in Patras

ArtWalk delivers the 4th mural in Patras 09/17/2020

The fourth mural in the context of the 5th International Street Art Festival of Patras ArtWalk 5 is nspired by the 250th anniversary of Beethoven’s birth. EDMON1419 wanted to honor one of the most important composers (more…)


EJSMONDT 09/10/2020

Born in 1988. EJSMONDT is a Polish street artist whose main focus is painting in public spaces. Communication design student in 2013-2017 (University of Wrocław).

Celebrating the 40th anniversary of The Shining

Celebrating the 40th anniversary of The Shining 08/26/2020

Most of you have seen the epic thriller starring Jack Nicholson in The Shining. Its been fourty years since it was released and its been one of the most known productions by British director, Stanley Kubrick. (more…)

Mahn Kloix

Mahn Kloix 07/22/2020

Mahn Kloix was born in Paris in 1980. For the past five years he has been living and working in Marseille. Between a communist grandfather and parents who were staunch, active union members, Mahn Kloix grew up in a family of activists, motivated by the major combats of the social Left. (more…)


Master 05/24/2020

I’m Master street artist and painter from Belgrade (Serbia). I graduated the Academy of Fine Arts-Brera ( Mlan,Italy). From 2013 member of association of artists and designers od Serbia – ULUPUDS. I’m painting murals since 2002. On the streets and last 10 years i’m painting murals professionally for the clubs, restaurants etc.


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