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artist James Jetlag


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James Jetlag

JETLAG has started painting graffiti in late 1989 as a youngster, later evolving into a Street Art muralist; being a professional artist since 2008. Coming from the south region of the Netherlands, he grew up amongst the 1st generation of graffiti mates in a poor, former industrial region that brought forward quite a lot of today’s well known graffiti and mural artists, like: DOES, NASH, CHAS and GOMAD, still being his today’s friends and well respected colleagues.

The subjects of his work are very diverse depending on inspiration and philosophical input of that certain period in which they are being made. Stylistic the works have an overall realistic or surrealistic view, but almost always with a slightly illustrated touch, a loosen and experimental flow which easily shifts between hyperrealistic, surrealistic and suggestive abstract. A lot of times symbolism is being used, by using elements from nature to bring expression to the deeper layers of a story or context that is being told within that artwork. But… You never know for sure what you’re gonna get next.

JETLAG is very experienced in large scale murals and brings in a highly skilled craftsmanship; working mainly with spray paint but increasingly in a mixture with acrylics, latex or airless spray machines.

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