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artist Jennifer Erny


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Jennifer Erny

Jennifer Erny signs her works as J.3rny, playing with the fortunate coincidence of her name and the word “journey”. The journey of Jennifer started in Detroit, Michigan – USA, where she was born and raised and studied Fine Arts.

Through Wayne State University she was granted a 1-year long exchange program in Brazil and fell in love with the culture and country. Four years ago she moved definitively to Brazil and currently lives in São Paulo where she dedicates herself integrally to art and culture.
Her large scale murals evolved from her practice with soft pastel that she transformed into techniques using spray and acrylic. She focuses on a detailed study of colors and layering that creates palpable texture and often contrasts this with thin transparencies to create a tactile effect throughout the works. Her compositions are fantastical, sometimes bordering on ridiculous, and always involve the human form, including self-portraits, in surreal juxtapositions with nature and animals in varied expressions and movement. In portraying objective reality subjectively she seeks out the imaginary through the innocent and curious perception of the child that we have forever in us.
Jennifer believes in the transformative power of art for a better world with an always growing love for others, respect for nature, and gratitude for life.

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