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Artist born in Brindisi in southern Italy in 1987, he moved from house to house until he reached the age of 11 in Liguria, La Spezia. He began experimenting with letters combined with faces in 2000, schools weren’t his thing and he often ran away to paint in the street.Mainly interested in expressing, through art and its various techniques, the metamorphosis of the world seen from people’s faces. In recent years, he decides to take a different path from ordinary works, even if with various obstacles he comes to the conclusion that he wants to be an artist in his life. His works are constantly evolving, he tries to represent through them what he hears and what he sees in the world we live in. In the various works we pass from a state of mind to a reflection on how man faces man, on fear, conscience, loneliness and war.

Even today his works, which range from walls to canvases, continue a process of growth both in technique and in their expression.

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