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Meeting Of Styles – 2021

Meeting Of Styles – 2021

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Best of 2018

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The art of inspiring


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Read: 4th Vukovart – Street Art Festival

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Fabio Petani mural in Waterford

Fabio Petani mural in Waterford 07/11/2021

Fabio Petani recently unveiled another of his fine murals on trade cafè and this time Fabio used the Silicon Dioxide name on his wall, (more…)

Urban Art Inspires New Park Design in Northern England

Urban Art Inspires New Park Design in Northern England 06/27/2021

Doncaster Creates and (AOP) Art of Protest Projects are proud to bring London based (but Scarborough bred) artist duo STATIC to Doncaster to deliver an amazing creation. (more…)


Think 05/07/2021

Think is an architect and artist based in Greece. He has been drawing since he was a child while at a young age was introduced to the Graffiti and Street Art scene (late 2000). His architectural background shaped his design philosophy and affected his artistic approach. During these 20 years of experimentation in letters and forms, he has participated in several group shows, exhibitions, and numerous graffiti festivals in Greece and abroad. (more…)

Tiber Courtyard by Greg Jager

Tiber Courtyard by Greg Jager 05/06/2021

Tiber Courtyard is an “experiment” in public space that is configured as a platform for aggregation and reflection on the future challenges of the cities and the communities that inhabit them. (more…)

Darren John

Darren John 04/19/2021

Darren believes that when we lead with curiosity and playfulness, we have the power to truly expand our worlds. This mindset is at the core of his artworks, both in the studio and in the public realm. Born 1987 and raised in a flat roofed council house in Farnborough, Darren spent his early formative years studying and practicing karate at one of the toughest Karate Clubs in the country. He trained hard under Sensei Dave Bishop and won many titles all over the UK. (more…)

Vibrant Shelter Transformation in Malton

Vibrant Shelter Transformation in Malton 04/17/2021

Art of Protest Projects and Malton Town Council are excited to bring the ever talented London based but Scarborough bred artist duo STATIC to the town of Malton! (more…)

ADAPTA / ADD FUEL Mural in Lisbon

ADAPTA / ADD FUEL Mural in Lisbon 11/09/2020

This year, we have had ample time to reflect and, inevitably, adapt to changes.  Portoguese artist ADD FUEL has taken this opportunity and has created an inpirational mural just outside Lisbon. (more…)

Vitaly Tsarenkov (SY)

Vitaly Tsarenkov (SY) 11/06/2020

Vitaly Tsarenkov, also known under the alias SY, is a visual artist with a graffiti background from St. Petersburg, Russia. He is a participant of the main project of the Street wave art biennale Artmossphere (2016, 2018). (more…)

Add Fuel with JUNTOS calls for Unity

Add Fuel with JUNTOS calls for Unity 10/15/2020

Portuguese artist Add Fuel recently finished his latest mural titled as JUNTOS, (that means TOGETHER), as part of the urban art promotion project “Conversas na Rua” taking place in Amadora. (more…)


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