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Meeting Of Styles – 2019

Meeting Of Styles – 2019



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Best of 2018

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The art of inspiring


Read: Discovering street art in Athens

Read: Discovering street art in Athens

by Ivana De Innocentis

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RUN and BASIK colaborate on mural in Florence

RUN and BASIK colaborate on mural in Florence 01/17/2020

The new mural of RUN and BASIK is located on the façade of a building in the district of Rovezzano, in Florence. Speaking with the neighbourhood, initially, had been expressed the desire to carry out an intervention with the object of boxing (more…)

Nina Valkhoff

Nina Valkhoff 01/07/2020

Nina Valkhoff is a muralist from Rotterdam, the Netherlands. She has been working as a professional muralist for over 17 years with works in The Netherlands, Argentina, Portugal, Mexico and Ireland. (more…)

Vitae Viazi

Vitae Viazi 12/25/2019

Vitae Viazi are a street art crew (art-collective) from Moscow. The name “Vitae Viazi” comes from the Latin word “vitae” (“of life”) and “viazi,” which is the name of a special ornamental Cyrillic (old slavonic) script. This decorative script was their initial source of inspiration. In fact, the name of the crew should be written with characters of two keyboard layouts “VITAE ВЯЗИ” but it is too tricky to google it, so they choose – “Vitae Viazi”. (more…)


A-L-I 12/24/2019

A-L-I aka Arthur-Louis Ignoré is an artist that works in Rennes, France.  He makes Mandala on the floor in public spaces. To realize them he just uses a brush or a Squeezer and nothing more.  His works can last for a  few months, depending on the paint he uses and also on the weather. It’s a way for him to interfere with people’s everyday lifes.
3 Murals for TAPIA Collective Exhibition in Barcelona

3 Murals for TAPIA Collective Exhibition in Barcelona 12/09/2019

This past November, B-Murals inaugurated TÀPIA, a collective exhibition of 24 urban artists referring to neo-muralism and the most groundbreaking and contemporary figurativism. (more…)

WORLD AIDS DAY / Project 2019 by UrbanAct

WORLD AIDS DAY / Project 2019 by UrbanAct 12/04/2019

A small photo report of UrbanΑct’s major action in three cities around Greece (Athens, Thessaloniki, Patras), to raise public awareness of the Aids stigma. Participating artists Kez and Same84. (more…)

Artez New mural in Novi Sad

Artez New mural in Novi Sad 11/18/2019

Serbian street artist Artez recently created his latest mural that was painted in 2019’s European Youth Capital, Novi Sad, thanks to Opens2019. Artez is a Serbian artist whose style is defined as a mixing photorealism with illustration. (more…)

Artez mural in Minsk

Artez mural in Minsk 11/06/2019

Famous Serbian artist Artez has created his new work in Belarus together with the Urban Myths initiative. The mural entitled “Precious things” / “Freelance” will become the part of the “Future” triptych in one of the busiest Minsk districts. (more…)

SAYPE project BEYOND WALLS – Berlin

SAYPE project BEYOND WALLS – Berlin 11/02/2019

The land art artist SAYPE will realise in the coming years a world tour of benevolence named “Beyond Walls” Project – The Biggest Human Chain in the World”. (more…)


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