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Meeting Of Styles – 2021

Meeting Of Styles – 2021

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Best of 2018

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The art of inspiring


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Read: 4th Vukovart – Street Art Festival

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Milivoj Kostic-Kole

Milivoj Kostic-Kole 10/05/2021

Milivoj Kostic Kole is the first Serbian 3D street painter. He was born on September 17, 1971. in Valjevo, Serbia (ex Yugoslavia) 1971. He graduated at Art Academy in Novi Sad – Fine Arts Department and is a member of ULUS (Society of the Fine Art Artists of Serbia) and USUS (Association of the Comics Artist of Serbia). (more…)


EDMX 06/17/2021

Henrique Montanari aka EDMX was born in Sao Paulo, Brasil in 1977. He has a Master’s Degree in Fine Arts (University of Sao Paulo) and has been working with design since 1996. In 2002 he moved to Toronto, where in 2003 he earned a Post Graduation in 3d Digital Animation at Seneca College. (more…)

SAYPE – Tenth step of “Beyond Walls” project

SAYPE – Tenth step of “Beyond Walls” project 03/18/2021

In the footsteps of slavery. Land artist Saype has just achieved the 10th step of his worldwide “Beyond Walls” project. After a year disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic that has upset the daily life of people around the world, (more…)

Deonis Thekko

Deonis Thekko 03/12/2021

Deonis “DEO” Thekko (ex. THEKO, MRKO, THK) – is a multidisciplinary artist who started an independent way of creativity relying only on his own perception of shapes and colors in the early 2000s. Staying active to these days he develops such activities as: graphic design, illustrations, style-writing, photography, also he creates compositions on canvas and posters. (more…)

EU-TOPIA wall of Etnik for Restart Urban Festival

EU-TOPIA wall of Etnik for Restart Urban Festival 09/28/2020

With the intention of making more pleasant the hard days we are all living, Etnik has realised a new wall with the title ”EU-TOPIA”. Located in Imola, Italy, this fresh colaboration attempts to bring some modern aesthetics to an otherwise traditional and peaceful town. (more…)

Elbi Elem Instalation in Berga Catalonia

Elbi Elem Instalation in Berga Catalonia 08/02/2020

Barcelona based artist Elbi Elem recently did a series of spatial interventions during her stay at the Konvent Punt Zero artist residence in Berga, Catalonia. (more…)

Leon Keer 3D mural in Morlaix

Leon Keer 3D mural in Morlaix 07/30/2020

We bring you the latest artwork titled: ’Safe House’ created by talented artist Leon Keer, in Morlaix, France.  The 3D mural was made for the MX 29 graffiti tour. (more…)

“Vitruvian Man” by TRULY in Rome

“Vitruvian Man” by TRULY in Rome 12/21/2019

What better way to see the world from a different perspective other than flight? Inside Loading Bridge E31 in Rome’s Leonardo Da Vinci Airport, passengers are being welcomed by (more…)

Etnik in Bologna for BLQ Association

Etnik in Bologna for BLQ Association 11/01/2019

Etnik created his latest mural for the BLQ association in Bologna, Italy. The artist sent us some captivating images of his creation.



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