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Pompei Street Art Festival 2021-06-15

Pompei Street Art Festival

will have its first edition on 24, 25, 26 September 2021. One of the most interesting festivals in Italy, Pompei Street Festival,  in the city of Pompey where street art saw light about 2000 years ago through the graffiti and we still know and use it today. A social project that has art as a change of conscience, on the streets of the city, in contact with the territory, with the citizens, using colors as a form of expression for an interior improvement for the benefit of the community.

During the “Pompei Street Art”, contemporary artworks will be created on walls of buildings provided by the municipality and movable wooden panels, called WAS (Wood Art Space) which will help decorate the streets of the city year after year. The WAS will be temporarily arranged along the streets creating the Street Museum, an open-air museum where visitors, enthusiasts, and the curious will be able to enjoy a great exhibition while taking a walk. At the same time, the road surface will be enriched by artistic creations made with plaster and various materials, to enrich the festival with further beauty and evocative power. It will thus be possible to admire the masterpieces of talented artists chosen through objective criteria by a commission made up of experts in the sector.

The festival also intends to shake the consciousness of the new generations regarding environmental and social problems using painting, music
and cinema as the main tools to interact with the social fabric of the territory, opening a new path for change.

During the days of the festival, the streets of the city will become a real „Open-air Museum”, creating a new way of evolving tourism that will make the city of Pompei become a strong cultural center.

The city must increasingly become a destination for fans of the explosive contemporary form of street art.

Born from the idea of the artist Nello Petrucci: POMPEI STREET FESTIVAL.

An element of cultural dynamism, social awareness, tourist and socioeconomic strategy of growth for the city of Pompei. The street will be a starting point to facilitate the encounter between the public and art, fielding the expressiveness of artists, musicians, and filmmakers through installations, meetings, workshops, seminars, live music, performances, and film reviews.

This new perspective will aim in future editions to make the places of periphery known as well. The goal is to create a „Street Art Tour” in the city
of Pompei in future years, generating interest and tourist development.


I Support Street Art is a Media Partner of this fine Initiative.

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