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artist Teo Kay Kay


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Teo Kay Kay

He goes to sleep in the night thinking about the next project. Teo Kay Kay, also know as “Teo KayKay” is an artist originating from Europe whose identity is unknown. He’s influenced by the urban environments of New York City and Los Angeles. He loves to create custom champagne bottles inspired by diamonds. He appears always with a cover face, as he wants for people to stay focused on his art and not on his face.

His diamond texture and fluo colors are instantly recognizable. Teo KayKay doesn’t want people to associate graffiti only with vandalism, but as an art.

And he decided to use Champagne bottles instead of canvases or street walls. Teo KayKay uses special fluo paints, spray paint and acrylic markers to create his project, and he calls any work “THE PROJECT”. People start to ask at Teo KayKay custom bottles for parties, anniversary, birthdays etc… but he ships the bottles to customers without revealing the sender name. It’s a part of the mistery around the artist.

Not all the bottles created by Teo KayKay are on the web as customers that buy his bottles prefer to have the exclusivity of the picture. International artist, coming from the old shcool he loves to burn colors on luxury stuff.

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