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Best Walls of 2014 (special) 2015-01-03

Best Walls of 2014 (special)

Happy New Year to all wonderfull people out there, who shared, supported, loved and believed in Art for the people. Having considered to give you the time space needed to sober up from the New year celebrations, you should be able to enjoy this collection of street art by now. We offer you the collection of our favourite street art from the last, enormously creative, year of 2014!

A collection of murals, stencils, pasteups, instalations from around the world. We have been fortunate to collect directly from the artists tens of  hundreds of works throughout the year. The aim of this collection is to demonstrate the diversity and quantity, of street art that has been created through out the world in the past year alone. All works have been great, each and every one deserves to be seen and this is our daily commitment on our social platform. Enjoy and share!

Banksy, in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, UK.

Banksy Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, UK.

Bicicleta Sem Freio , in San Juan,  Puerto Rico.

Bicicleta Sem Freio from Brasil

Blek Le Rat L.I.S.A project NYC Music , Paint and Dance !

BlekLeRat L.I.S.A project NYC Music , Paint and Dance !

Broken Fingaz Crew , in Krakow, Poland

Broken Fingaz Crew

NEVERCREW , in Winterthur, Switzerland.

NEVERCREW Winterthur, Switzerland.

Nemo’s, in Sapri, Italy


MTO / UTI crew , in Los Angeles.

mto (2)

Mr D, in Houston, Texas.

Mr. D

Mgr Mors & Friends, in Tarnow, Poland.

Mgr Mors & Friends

El Mac, in Toronto.



Millo in Torino, Italy.


Morik, in Lodz, Poland.


Martin Ron , in Buenos Aires.

Martin Ron ΒΑ

Spok Brillor / Lean Frizzera , in Argentina.


Kobra , in Rome.

kobra Roma

JPS, in the UK.


Jeaze Oner – Graffiti & Street Art Soldierz, in France.

Jeaze Oner - Graffiti & Street Art Soldierz.

Himed & Reyben, en Mexico.


Hopare , in Morocco


iNO in Zaragoza , Spain.

INO asalto

Jaz  in Ciudad Juarez , Mexico.


Faith47  in Durban , South Africa.

FAITH47 Durban

Fabieke  in Bologna , Italy.

Fabieke Bologna

Escif , Baltimore, US.

Escif Baltimore US

Faith 47 / Alexis Diaz , in Miami, US.


Dulk , in Zaragoza, Spain.

DULK asalto

Dust, in Staufen, Germany.

Dust-Staufen (GER)

EIME , in Gaeta, Italy


Sr.X , in Giardini , Italy.


Don John, in Malaysia.

donjohn (1)

Dome , in Ioannina, Greece


Die Dixons , in Wiesbaden, Germany.

Die dixons aka xi-design (2)

Depose, in France. , french

Deih , in Spain.


David Walker  in France

David Walker

DalEast  in Lodz, Poland.

DalEsat Lodz


El nino de la pinturas  Battipaglia – Salerno (italy).

complete wall hd - foto di Benedetto Battipede 03 fb

C215 – in Paris

C215 - Paris

CLAP Meataxe – Design, White Rocks, in Malta.


Nils Westergard , USA


Oakoak, Saint Etienne, France.


Odeith, Setubal, Portugal.


Various Artists, Amsterdam, Instalation.

Amsterdam Instalation GOE

Bordalo II, Covilha, Portugal

Owl Eyes in Covilhã - Portugal

Pegasus, London UK.


Tankpetrol, Penang, Malaysia.

Penang, Malaysia

Pichi Avo, Valencia.


Proembrion /Tone/ Sepe/ Chazme/ Cekas, in Lodz, Poland.


Rone, Montreal


SabekQuintanar de la Orden, Spain

sabek (3)

SAM3,  in Vila Real,  Spain.

SAM3 Vila-real.-Spain


SAME84 / ApSet, in Thessaloniki, Greece

Same84 & ApSet.

SanerAt Fleury, France


Scar One, Athens.


Shai Dahan, in Sweden

Shai Dahan in Sweden

STMTS, in Athens.


Telmo Miel, in Miami.


Tyler Art, in Mumbai, India


UNO , in Siracusa , Sicily.

UNO idolatria Siracusa, Sicily (IT)


SER / SIMONI, in Ioannina, Greece

Ser x Simoni Fontana Ioannina



Vans the Omega, in Adelaide, South Australia.

Vans the Omega


Nafir, in Iran



Vhils, in Lodz, Poland.


Vitae Viazi, in Moscow.

Vitae Viazi

WD (Wild Drawing), in  Athens, Greece.


ZUKCLUB, in Lugano, Switzerland.



Bacon , in Treviso , Italy.


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    2 days ago by i_support_street_art Sabotaje Al Montaje, the artist who has lived all his life on the Canarian Sea is particularly sensitive to the environmental issues. On this wall, created in Lecce for  @167bstreet  , he focused on the problem of water pollution. The monumental representation of a man watching his fish highlights the presence of plastic caps caught by the sea instead of fishes.  #167b   #isupportstreetart   #167artproject   #thestreetisourgallery   #sabotajealmontaje   #walls   #streetart   #picoftheday   #muraloftheday   #urbanart   #lecce   #streetartlecce   #beautifulartwork 
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  • 7 Daughters of Eve for Truth Hounds Beginning of this
    4 days ago by i_support_street_art 7 Daughter’s of Eve for Truth Hounds. Beginning of this December, LAPIZ was invited by Truth Hounds to paint a human right mural. Truth Hounds ( is an Ukrainian NGO who has its base in the Georgian capital Tbilisi fighting for human rights by investigating, documenting and monitoring human rights violations. They also offer a safe haven in their city shelter for human rights defenders facing security threats as well as providing educational programs. In order to gain a larger audience they organised a street festival inviting (inter-)national artists each painting a mural concerning human right issues.  @lapizgraffiti  painted the
  • otaxis created this fine mural describing the moment of grape
    4 days ago by i_support_street_art  @o_taxis  created this fine mural describing the moment of grape harvesting in a representative "frame". "Viktoria", the title of his work, an almost romantic image with warm and delicate tones presents a woman in the action of picking grapes at the center of a Salentine landscape during the harvest. Made in Lecce last month, for the second edition of  #167bartproject  Guests and protagonists of this edition were Dimitris Taxis from Athens GR and Sabotaje Al Montaje from the Canary Islands. They both made composite plots by creating works driven from a careful sociological reading of the place and the surrounding
  • Said Dokins  saidokins Identity and Difference Stories of a
    17 hours ago by i_support_street_art Said Dokins /  @saidokins , “Identity and Difference”. Stories of a Word in Villars Fontaine, 2018. Street Art on the Roc, La Karriere, France. Photo: Leonardo Luna. Dokins participated with his project “Stories of a Word”, with the support of Mexican Government through the National Fund for Culture and Arts (FONCA), in which he involved people from the community and visitors to look into the notions of identity and difference. The artist invited the participants to provide a word referring to their experience in that remote region. One of the words that caught his attention was Khobz, the name of one
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