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artist El niño de las pinturas


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El niño de las pinturas

El Niño de las pinturas, also known as Raul Ruiz is a street artist from Spain. His works began in the 90s. In his works the human figure both childhood and adolescence are the themes that occupy first place, highlighting the facial expressions of their faces, (chutzpah, fear, surprise, sadness … faces with attitude).
His works are on the streets, buildings, corners … different cities signed with El Niño of the Paintings or Sex. He has left his signature in cities such as Portugal, Holland, Italy, Venezuela, Hungary, Belgium, France … The Child depicted in his Paintings of Granada leaves his beautiful compositions throughout the tour of Granada Realejo.  Among the essential elements of his work find machinery gears trains almost circular shape. This artist combines all pictorial knowledge adapted to street art.

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