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”The Biggest Mural in Houston” is done! 2014-06-30

”The Biggest Mural in Houston” is done!

“The Biggest Mural in Houston”
Location: (Texas, USA).
Artist Sebastien “Mr.D”  Boileau, a former graffiti artist from Paris.
photo by AMA Photography by Aisha Kahn

The concept of this mural is to appropriate imagery from one of the most admired renaissance paintings in the world, and to place it within a contemporary environment that references the current urban culture of street art and the long tradition of mural painting.

These qualities and the historic, awe-inspiring scale of the
mural will thus then bring to life a conversation about the importance of street art, and other urban art forms, to the culture of a city; calling to attention the worthiness of admiring and preserving these symbols of  urban culture for generations to come.

The building that is being donated for the creation of this piece is located in the heart of the city, an ideal location to continue the discussion of conservation and preservation.

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