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artist Vitae Viazi


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Vitae Viazi

Vitae Viazi are a street art crew (art-collective) from Moscow. The name “Vitae Viazi” comes from the Latin word “vitae” (“of life”) and “viazi,” which is the name of a special ornamental Cyrillic (old slavonic) script. This decorative script was their initial source of inspiration. In fact, the name of the crew should be written with characters of two keyboard layouts “VITAE ВЯЗИ” but it is too tricky to google it, so they choose – “Vitae Viazi”.

Members of the crew are artists from different places of Russia, for example – Rostov, Ivanovo, Moscow, but most of the crew is based in Moscow.
Each member has been drawing as an independent artist for a long time, yet they teamed up to make their first mural in 2009, and continued to work together since then.
The usual workflow of the crew consists of discussion and sketching of their mutual ideas also it could be a process of changing and enriching the base concept of one of the crew members by the whole team.

Initially, they tried to use Slavic culture as a basis for their works. They studied the art of Slavs and it’s evolution throughout the history without focusing on specific periods which led them to the interesting discoveries.
For example, they think that the Cyrillic writing system, which was developed after the adoption of Christianity in the 9th century goes well with traditional ornaments and motifs of the Vedic culture. Now they stopped using these motifs in a straightforward way and they try more to keep its general mood and visual expression of its influence.
Their art is mostly the result of their thoughts and emotions expressed by graphic metaphors. They care more about the atmosphere and vibration in their stories than its direct reading. Walls painting itself is the chance for them to analyze their own ideas. But its scale and publicity make them doing it with a much greater responsibility and awareness, and the reaction of people on the streets gives them an idea how to develop themselves further.
The place where they create murals and the people who are the spectator of their work – these are exactly the things that change the emotion and vibration of what they do.
That is the reason why these days they travel a lot – they are interested to work in different places, for example, most of them now live in India, and the reaction of Indian people is very different from the one that they are used to in Russia. they aim to evolve and develop as an art collective and public art is one of those things that does not have the limits for such a development, this growth is eternal. So they try to show their works to wider and wider audience, because this is how they understand what they do.

-presentation provided by the crew-

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