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The Last Of Us Part II – Mural by Metod

On: characters / commisioned / realistic / tributes / walls /

The Last Of Us PartII is the theme in the recent mural made by Culum Marko aka Metod. This fine creation was made on a park wall in the center of Belgrade, in Serbia.



UN75 Land Art by SAYPE in Geneva

On: land art / landscape / politics / tributes /

“World in Progress”, ephemeral fresco by the artist Saype, created in the park of the Palais des Nations in Geneva to mark the 75th anniversary (more…)


Artez mural in Belgrade

On: big walls / girl power / inspirational / nature /

Internationally acclaimed street artist Artez, has created yet another monumental mural for his hometown city, Belgrade. (more…)


Mural for Black Lives by Murals for the Movement

On: Collaboration / geometrics / social messages / walls /

Street Theory Gallery, announced the successful collaboration and installation of their latest mural entitled, “No Weapon Formed Against Thee Shall Prosper(more…)


Senior Street Art Workshop in Belgrade

On: illustrations / inspirational / partner news / stencil / unconventional /

The first ever “Street art workshop for seniors” was organized last weekend in Belgrade by Street Art Belgrade and Paint Kartel. (more…)


Limited Tshirt in collab with BDifferent

On: advertising / Specia Report / tributes /

This is the t-shirt design that we created for our newest super limited collaboration offer. The pigeon is an urban bird that perfectly symbolizes the peace and capacity to adapt to the urban environment (more…)


VII edition Avant Garde Tudela

On: abstract / big walls / characters / female artist / inspirational / landscape /

Miss Van, Mina Hamada and Jeff McCreight ‘Ru8icon’ take art back to the streets again at the VII edition of Avant Garde Tudela 2020, international festival of contemporary muralism. (more…)


Covid-19 trash art Project

On: activism / environment / inspirational / on the road / street objects / unconventional /

We recently picked out from Instagram an inspiring account that focuses on the trash this pandemic has brought to many cities. We found out more about it. (more…)

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I am a French street artist based in Lyon known as IN THE WOUP. My universe: pixel art. My project: MARIO WORLDZ. A series of crossovers from pop culture. Through this project, I answer the question “What if Mario Bros had other costumes?

Works on: cartoons / humour / tiles / walls /


Zabou is a French street artist based in London. She travels and paints realistic portraits, making the world a more colourful place, one wall at a time.

Works on: black & white / girl power / pop art / realistic / sexy / stencil / walls /


Paul Robinson AKA LUAP is a British contemporary artist. A skilled fine artist who dynamically fuses painting and photography. LUAP is fast gaining critical recognition and a celebrity following for his exciting work.

Works on: animals / characters / contemporary / on the road / pop art /


Sumski is the artist name of Ivan Blazetic. It is a Croatian word whose closest English equivalent is “sylvan’, meaning something characteristic of woods or forests. Sumski is an illustrator, muralist, painter, and sculptor. Whatever the medium, his work has a strong narrative element.

Works on: abstract / big walls / colours / contemporary / environment / ethnic / inspirational / psychedelic /

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Updated Interview, as we speak once more to French female stencil artist Zabou. Residing in London, she has evolved swiftly into a full blown mural artist that travels the world.  Her works involve many portraits and black & white walls. Her aim is to attract views and inspire! It is sure if you come across one of her walls it will make your day!  She has kindly shared her thoughts with us.


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September 17, 2020 to September 27, 2020

ASALTO Festival 2020

The ASALTO Festival returns this September and celebrates its 15 years!


June 24, 2020 to August 25, 2020

The Avenue Concept 2020

The Avenue Concept Announces Summer 2020 Mural Program. Local and national names,


June 15, 2020 to October 25, 2020

5th ArtWalk Festival

The International Street Art Festival of Patras | ArtWalk, returns fresh with new ideas for the fifth time in Patras


June 20, 2020 to July 25, 2020


Urban Spree Galerie presents “Explorations”, the first solo show in Germany of the Krakow-based calligraffiti painter SICOER.


February 21, 2020 to July 06, 2020

Vhils ”HAZE” solo show

The CAC is excited to host an exhibition of Portuguese street artist Alexandre Farto (aka Vhils) in Spring 2020.


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Expiring: 05/07/2020

We call all artists to join the DIGITAL DRAWING CONTEST (more…)


Beyond the wall: The International Street Art Contest

Expiring: 06/07/2020

The Festival of Resilience returns with the third edition of the International Street Art Contest. (more…)

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Un-hidden Street Art in Romania Book

The first edition of the Un-hidden Street Art in Romania book is here to help you discover independent art in public spaces.


Crossroads – A Glimpse Into the Life of Alice Pasquini

Crossroads, a glimpse into the life of Alice Pasquini is the first anthology on the artist Alicè, one of the top female international street artists.


Icons of street art – big murals

Huge works of art occupying entire facades, often with a political and socially critical message.


Ben Wilson – The Chewing Gum Man

Ben Wilson has spent years creating an extraordinary trail of miniature masterpieces on discarded chewing gum which extends from St Pauls across the Millennium Bridge to the Tate Gallery.



MICHTO KAYOU, a smashing book by artist Ador, depicts an experience of 423 days in Reunion Island, and few paintings.


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Meeting Point – Michael Harker

On: inspirational / meeting point / projections / Streetart book / walls /

On this latest edition of Meeting Point, we speak with Michael Harker, the photographer behind the currently popular Street Art book: ''Icons Of Street Art''.


Street Art campaign reflecting on COVID19

On: activism / characters / girl power / inspirational / walls /

A local project in Hungary with the aim to attract people’s attention on the protection against the pandemic and social responsibility / solidarity.