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Esperanca mural by Margalef and Rice in Barcelona

On: Collaboration / colours / contemporary / illustrations /

We bring you a mural made in the area of Granollers in Barcelona. It is titled ‘Esperança’ which means ‘Hope’ in Catalan language. (more…)


ArtWalk delivers the 4th mural in Patras

On: big walls / characters / Festivals / inspirational / landscape / partner news / portraits / tributes /

The fourth mural in the context of the 5th International Street Art Festival of Patras ArtWalk 5 is nspired by the 250th anniversary of Beethoven’s birth. EDMON1419 wanted to honor one of the most important composers (more…)


Fabio Petani mural for ARTU Festival

On: big walls / illustrations / landscape / nature / village art /

We bring you the last mural painted by Fabio Petani in Molinella, a small town close to Bologna in Italy. The brightly colored artwork, realized for ARTU Festival delle Arti Urbane, is called SACCHARUM & PTERIS VITTATA. (more…)


Gera1 mural for CityCall vol4 in Volos

On: big walls / characters / children / colours /

UrbanAct organized and implemented last August a  new mural in the city of Volos, Greece, during a public mural programme titled: “CityCall” vol4. (more…)


Gola Hundun wall in Prunetta (Pistoia)

On: big walls / illustrations / nature / psychedelic /

Gola Hundun‘s latest painting in Prunetta (Tuscany), produced by Maeba is a wish for a new life. It is named “Cernunnos” (*) as this God is depicted in a microscopic vision of a Vegetative Apex, the first cell ever. (more…)


Edoardo Tresoldi OPERA installation

On: inspirational / instalations / landscape /

Opera, the new public art permanent installation by Edoardo Tresoldi on Reggio Calabria’s seafront, promoted and commissioned by the local Municipality and the Metropolitan City, will be inaugurated on September 12th and 13th. (more…)


4th Vukovart – Street Art Festival Review

On: abstract / big walls / Festivals / inspirational / partner news / walls /

Vukovart presents 5 new murals in its new concept for culture in Vukovar, a city in the eastern part of Croatia. It promotes Vukovar as a place which accepts all artists, or creators of additional values. (more…)


Fabio Petani new mural in Italy

On: abstract / big walls / commisioned / inspirational / nature /

Yet just shortly after his recent wall in Rome, artist Fabio Petani painted another large scale mural in Chivasso (north Italy). The artwork realised is a private commission that is called PHOSPHORUS OXIDE & NARCISSUS PSEUDONARCISSUS. (more…)

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Born in 1988. EJSMONDT is a Polish street artist whose main focus is painting in public spaces. Communication design student in 2013-2017 (University of Wrocław).

Works on: pasting / portraits / stencil / unconventional / walls /


Contra‘s work (1984) has roots in different areas, from graffiti to abstract art. In a mostly analog process, these areas culminate in a visual hodgepodge that reflects their experiences and thoughts.

Works on: abstract / big walls / colours / contemporary / inspirational /


JACOBA is a 32 year-old, Copenhagen-based artist who works mostly in the public space. She painted her first mural when she at the age of 18 lived in the U.S., and since then she has completed over 40 murals on four continents.

Works on: big walls / characters / contemporary / female artist / girl power / inspirational /


SNUZ artist was born in Greece, developing his Style since 2003 mostly focused on letters, at early years SNUZ made his name into the streets writing tags and bombing. Recognized by his own style, explosive colors and symmetry, quickly got a reputation that always caught the attention.

Works on: colours / graffiti / walls / wildstyle /

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If you havent heard of Polish artist EJSMONDT, you will be thrilled to have come accross this Interview. An emerging talented artist that is ready to spread his wings towwards new projects. He creates mostly inspiring porraits of local personalities with a complex and a time consuming technique. The characteristic of his works is that they are not easy to see at first!  Here you can find out how he does it –  what inspires his creativity and how it all started.


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September 07, 2020 to October 09, 2020

LEIRIA Walls with history

After the previous editions’ success, the 4th edition of Leiria, walls with history: ARTE PÚBLICA is happening until October 9th.


October 02, 2020 to August 02, 2021

MARTHA COOPER: Taking Pictures

The URBAN NATION MUSEUM FOR URBAN CONTEMPORARY ART presents a six-decade retrospective of Martha Cooper’s photographs.


September 17, 2020 to September 27, 2020

ASALTO Festival 2020

The ASALTO Festival returns this September and celebrates its 15 years!


June 15, 2020 to October 25, 2020

5th ArtWalk Festival

The International Street Art Festival of Patras | ArtWalk, returns fresh with new ideas for the fifth time in Patras


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School exhibition

Expiring: 30/09/2020

School teacher seaking for anamorphic street artist in London to spport project. (more…)


2021 Embracing Our Differences

Expiring: 08/10/2020

2021 Embracing Our Differences International Art Exhibit Celebrating Diversity… (more…)


Open Call to street artists!

Expiring: 31/10/2020

Join the competition Street Art of the Year 2020! (more…)


Garage mural in CA

Expiring: 31/12/2020

We are a couple looking for someone to do a mural on our garage wall. (more…)

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Graffiti & StreetArt Around The World

It’s been over 15 years since graffiti website took off, having published about over 700 writers and artists around the planet with the aim of supporting graffiti and street art, and share it with the world.


Un-hidden Street Art in Romania Book

The first edition of the Un-hidden Street Art in Romania book is here to help you discover independent art in public spaces.


Crossroads – A Glimpse Into the Life of Alice Pasquini

Crossroads, a glimpse into the life of Alice Pasquini is the first anthology on the artist Alicè, one of the top female international street artists.


Icons of street art – big murals

Huge works of art occupying entire facades, often with a political and socially critical message.


Ben Wilson – The Chewing Gum Man

Ben Wilson has spent years creating an extraordinary trail of miniature masterpieces on discarded chewing gum which extends from St Pauls across the Millennium Bridge to the Tate Gallery.


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The Avenue Concept Unveils New “VOTE” Mural

On: Collaboration / lettering/calligraphy / politics / social messages / walls /

Four Rhode Island BIPOC artists designed a new work of public art that promotes civic engagement – and selfies with John Lewis.


Striking Jacoba mural in Denmark

On: big walls / black & white / female artist / freehand / girl power / inspirational /

Copenhagen based artist Jacoba has just finished her latest striking piece on the facade of a building in the city of Horsens in Denmark.