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RUN and BASIK colaborate on mural in Florence

On: big walls / contemporary / geometrics / illustrations /

The new mural of RUN and BASIK is located on the façade of a building in the district of Rovezzano, in Florence. Speaking with the neighbourhood, initially, had been expressed the desire to carry out an intervention with the object of boxing (more…)


Gola Hundun mural in Montevideo

On: colours / environment / inspirational / nature /

Here is the first wall painting in Montevideo by Gola Hundun (URUGUAY). The mural concerning the Rio Plata conditions depicts an intensive cultivation explained through a colourful painting. (more…)


Jorge Rodríguez Gerada murals for UN climate conference

On: characters / environment / inspirational / nature / social messages / walls /

The 2 new murals focus on climate crisis and the fight of indigenous people to save their lands, have been curated by Stephen Donofrio for Greenpoint Innovations. (more…)


Documentary shows ibug 2019 impressions in Reichenbach

On: partner news / Specia Report /

Turning a decayed industrial area in an arts festival: A documentary shows impressions of the ibug 2019 in Reichenbach in the Vogtland region near Leipzig. (more…)


The Mona Lisa In Street Art

On: girl power / tributes / walls /

She’s the most famous woman in the history of art, and yet nobody can say for sure that they know her name. People can’t even say for certain that she’s smiling. (more…)


Chekos`art and Millo murals in Lecce for 167 Art Project

On: big walls / children / inspirational / landscape / tributes /

The 167 Art Project, a reduction in the success and warm welcome of previous years, places in a line of continuity and strong self-determination of the community in the area. (more…)


Santiago Jaén paints first mural in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat

On: abstract / big walls / colours / landscape / psychedelic /

This December the urban artist Santiago Jaén has painted a mural in the facade of the school Joaquim Ruyra in Florida’s neighbourhood (L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona). (more…)


The Silent Watcher by FAITH XLVII

On: big walls / characters / female artist / girl power / inspirational / landscape / social messages /

The Silent Watcher is an 11,000 square foot mural on the eastern wall of the University Square building, which is 19 stories high. The mural has become a visual landmark and gateway from University City to West Philadelphia. (more…)

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MEOW is an Urban Artist based in Cologne. Since 2014 his Works can be found in the Streets of Germany and London. The overriding Theme of his Art is without a Doubt the recurring Catmotive. From stray Cats, that may hide in every Corner and Niche of the Street, to anthropomorphic beings that seem to set old Myths and Legends into a modern Context. Or maybe they are just supposed to look funny.

Works on: animals / characters / pasting / stencil / stickers /


A.Pozas is a Spanish artist based in Brighton, he has a degree in arts from the University of Granada.
His artworks is influenced by pop art, street art or realism and surrealism. He is a versatile artist who work across painting, sculpture and street art.

Works on: activism / children / pop art / social messages / stencil / surreal /


Lucas is an urban artist, activist and muralist who was born and raised in Lanús in Argentina. (1982) His work combines writing with graffiti and the use of templates, posters and other procedures similar to the art of Banksy. His paintings are largely a criticism of political and social issues, in addition to showing the abandonment to which many people are sometimes expressed, they express some tenderness on their faces as hopeful symbols of a possible change.

Works on: children / politics / social messages / stencil /

Nina Valkhoff

Nina Valkhoff is a muralist from Rotterdam, the Netherlands. She has been working as a professional muralist for over 17 years with works in The Netherlands, Argentina, Portugal, Mexico and Ireland.

Works on: animals / big walls / environment / female artist / illustrations / nature / realistic /

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Introducing to you from Barcelona, awarded painter and street artist, Fasim! From his childhood, it was evident that art was his passion and he has evolved with time through phases into his abstract and colourful style. Influenced by everyday observations, urban decay, all the way to architecture and ancient arts. Fasim believes that the period known as StreetArt is over and we are entering a new era. Read on and see what you can learn from this experienced artist.


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February 21, 2020 to July 06, 2020

Vhils ”HAZE” solo show

The CAC is excited to host an exhibition of Portuguese street artist Alexandre Farto (aka Vhils) in Spring 2020.


February 12, 2020 to February 16, 2020

4th International Public Art Festival (IPAF)

If you thought Cape Town’s art scene was getting a little crowded, think again, there is still a lot of space for growth … thousands of metres of outdoor space to be painted, in fact.


January 24, 2020 to March 28, 2020

“Whereabouts” by Alice

“Whereabouts” New Solo Show Opening January 24 in Amsterdam.


January 13, 2020 to January 19, 2020

Port 37

We are a collective of 37 photographers and artists from Norwich University of the Arts


January 17, 2020 to February 29, 2020


For their first show of 2020, Urban Spree Galerie presents « WALLS », a collective exhibition featuring 30 international artists.


December 16, 2019 to February 29, 2020


Vogiatzoglou Collection is pleased to inaugurate the group exhibition 6 HEXIS*


November 16, 2019 to February 16, 2020


B-Murals presents TÀPIA, a collective exhibition


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FESTIVAL MATICES / Women changing history

Expiring: 31/01/2020

The first Festival Matices is dedicated to all those women who dared to raise their voices to change our history (more…)


Open Call for ArtWalk 5 in Patras

Expiring: 15/02/2020

Art in Progress announces, yet another year, an open call for street artists to be held as part of the 5th International Street Art Festival Patras | ArtWalk 5, (more…)


Shop Owner in NJ

Expiring: 29/02/2020

Its 2 white walls and high ceilings the other wall is to be left alone. Its exposed brick. (more…)


Mural needed for condo lobby in Sarasota FL

Expiring: 03/03/2020

Mural content is TBD and open to artist suggestions. (more…)

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NEVERCREW mural in Varanasi, India

On: animals / big walls / environment / inspirational / realistic /

“Deflated” is a Mural painting realized in Varanasi (India) for “Varanasi Art Project” curated by Mojarto and supported by Pro Helvetia New Delhi.


The Silent Watcher by FAITH XLVII

On: big walls / characters / female artist / girl power / inspirational / landscape / social messages /

The Silent Watcher is an 11,000 square foot mural on the eastern wall of the University Square building, which is 19 stories high. The mural has become a visual landmark and gateway from University City to West Philadelphia.