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Meeting Of Styles – 2022

Meeting Of Styles – 2022

Look into our Partners

Look into our Partners

Discover the person behind the art!

Discover the person behind the art!



A New Generation of Muralists

The art of inspiring

The art of inspiring


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Interview: Nespoon

Interview: Nespoon

Talking about positive art

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Mariana Duarte Santos

Mariana Duarte Santos 10/03/2022

Mariana Duarte Santos is a visual artist from Lisbon, Portugal. She works in oil painting, drawing, printmaking and most recently mural paintings. The artist uses a figurative drawing with literary and cinematographic influences. She likes to deal with issues related to memory, collective identity and local histories. (more…)

Nespoon mural for Street Art en Baie Festival

Nespoon mural for Street Art en Baie Festival 08/26/2022

We are excited to share with you images from the last mural painted by Polish artist Nespoon in Yffiniac, a charming village in the north of France, in Brittany. The inspiration was a Breton ceremonial shawl from the end of the 19th century, (more…)


AITO KITAZAKI 07/12/2022

Born 1989 in Sagamihara-shi, Kanazawa, Japan After graduating from high school, he felt uncomfortable living in the Japanese society and was determined to change Japan through art. While searching for his ways, he had a fateful encounter with Banksy’s work and since then he lived his life as a street artist. He drew his first work at the age of 18 in Harajuku, but he was caught by the police and soon realized the difficulty of street art activities in Japan. (more…)

‘BEYOND WALLS’ links Northern Ireland

‘BEYOND WALLS’ links Northern Ireland 06/18/2022

‘BEYOND WALLS’ – the largest human chain in the world links Northern Ireland. Swiss-based French graffiti artist Saype’s worldwide ‘Beyond Walls’ project extends its symbolic human links to Northern Ireland. (more…)

SAYPE floating art piece in Venice

SAYPE floating art piece in Venice 04/28/2022

Saype presents his new creation, making Venice part of his Beyond Walls global human chain. The work, which is sailing through the Serenissima on the occasion of the Biennale Art, has been unveiled on April 21. (more…)

SAYPE latest giant landart in Nairobi

SAYPE latest giant landart in Nairobi 03/14/2022

World in Progress” is a triptych created by French-Swiss landartist Saype. Painted at the UN headquarters in Geneva, New York and Nairobi, the three monumental paintings retrace the iterative creation of an ideal world by two children. (more…)

SAYPE step 11 of “Beyond Walls” project

SAYPE step 11 of “Beyond Walls” project 11/02/2021

An aerial view shows a giant landart fresco by French-Swiss artist Saype, painted for the 11th step of his worldwide “Beyond Walls” project at the Expo 2020 World Exhibition in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, October 2021. (more…)

VIAVAI Poem by MisterCaos

VIAVAI Poem by MisterCaos 10/08/2021

After about a year since the presentation of “Viavai” to the public, the work, the largest poem in the world created in San Donato Milanese by the Italian artist MisterCaos, is back in the news. (more…)

The Box by Zabou in Bayreuth

The Box by Zabou in Bayreuth 09/27/2021

Zabou was invited to Bayreuth in Germany for a special project gathering over 50 artists and curated by HERA. The building, part of the Maisel & Friends and Liebesbier Brewery, (more…)


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Interview: Nespoon

Interview: Nespoon

Talking about positive art.

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