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Meeting Of Styles – 2020

Meeting Of Styles – 2020

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Best of 2018

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The art of inspiring


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Read: 4th Vukovart – Street Art Festival

Read: 4th Vukovart – Street Art Festival

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Garbage Tail by Murmure street in Martinique

Garbage Tail by Murmure street in Martinique 12/25/2020

“Garbage Tail” is the latest mural created by the French duo Murmure Street for the IPAF Festival organized by Milsmurs in the Terres Sainville district of Fort-de-France in Martinique. (more…)

Special Report: Singapore Street Art

Special Report: Singapore Street Art 12/21/2020

Suzanne offers a beautiful insight into the Singapore street art scene from her recent trip, along with husband Michael, a photographer who documented through his lenses the fascinating trip. (more…)

Collettivo FX

Collettivo FX 12/10/2020

Collective FX rose in 2010 in a pub in the province of Reggio Emilia from a discussion between thirty-year-olds bored with life but tired of blaming others. They are not based in a city but have a site-specific landmark: the ex-Officine Reggiane. (more…)

JDL mural for LGBT movement in Rome

JDL mural for LGBT movement in Rome 12/07/2020

The mural depicts a woman looking into a frame, as a mirror, seeing her reflection as a man. It is designed to create emotional understanding in the process of acceptance in the LGBT+ movement and their surrounding. (more…)

“San Pedaleone” mural by Mrfijodor and Collettivo FX

“San Pedaleone” mural by Mrfijodor and Collettivo FX 12/02/2020

In September, Dresden hosted the 6th LackStreicheKleber Urban Art Festival Dresden – Of true Colors on Bi Cycles: a festival calling for increasingly conscious and environmentally sustainable mobility through street art and bicycles. (more…)

Sergey Akramov

Sergey Akramov

Sergey Akramov (b. 1993) lives and works in Ekaterinburg, Russia, graduated from USUAA’17, Master of Architecture. Visual art practice began in 2007 with street painting – graffiti and street art. Now focus on painting on canvas and muralism. In his artworks Sergey combines figurative and abstraction, inspired by the aesthetics of daily life, urban textures and natural landscapes. (more…)

ArtWalk 5 Festival – Recap

ArtWalk 5 Festival – Recap 11/27/2020

ArtWalk 5  has been completed, leaving a unique imprint of contemporary art in Patras and the whole country this year! The 5th International Street Art Festival of Patras ArtWalk 5 was a huge success this year as well. (more…)

An ode to HYURO

An ode to HYURO 11/26/2020

If something characterized Hyuro‘s work it was sincerity, the softness of her palette fled from the stridency to speak almost in whispers of what is invisible to many. (more…)

In Penge Mural by ZABOU

In Penge Mural by ZABOU 11/23/2020

London based artist ZABOU recently completed another fascinating wall which is titled: Modern Day Addiction. It is a 10m by 8m mural with a very important message reminding us how deceiving social media can be! (more…)


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Interview: Rosh333

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