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Meeting Of Styles – 2022

Meeting Of Styles – 2022

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The art of inspiring


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“Chalchihuite” Said Dokins new wall in Munich

“Chalchihuite” Said Dokins new wall in Munich 07/18/2017

Said Dokins has just finished his last work in Munich for MUCA and we had the opportunity to see the process of it. The Giant Façade in the exterior of the Museum belongs to a  power plant and it has a 1000 square meters wall which makes it the largest painting in the city. (more…)

Skount wall in Amsterdam

Skount wall in Amsterdam 06/23/2017

Skount painted this wall, titled “Protection, natural cohesion and the soul’s messengers”, but it has been a secret until few weeks ago, when the Amsterdam Street Art Museum published their opening for next year! (more…)

Eva Bracamontes

Eva Bracamontes 06/11/2017

Eva Bracamontes is a talented Mexican female artist with a strong graffiti background that has evolved into a full scale muralist creating numerous colourful works and often collaborating with other artists. Her works often depict beautiful female characters of ethnic diversity nicely blending in the local surroundings. (more…)


SENKOE 06/10/2017

The work of Senkoe opens from two sources: pre-Hispanic art and the world of dreams, reminding us that both come from a single source, pure creation. The state of enlightenment in which everything that is spoken, drawn or painted is a major work of art. In this way, his graph reproduces the delirium of Mexico’s own textiles – its shapes and colors – and the memories of a dream world that is constantly fading. (more…)

Add Fuel

Add Fuel 06/02/2017

Add Fuel (Diogo Machado, 1980) has been building a solid reputation as a visual artist and illustrator in recent years. Having first created a unique visual universe populated by sci-fi inspired, fun-loving creatures, this Portuguese artist has recently redirected his attention to reinterpreting the language of traditional tile design, and the Portuguese azulejo (glazed tiles) in particular. (more…)



Maga is illustrator, wall painter and an education’s professional, influenced by comics, Japanese illustration, surrealism, mythologies etc…  She did this amazing intervention in Sant Feliu for Contorno Urbano and Kaligrafics, called “THE NIGHT”. (more…)

Dourone @ Mulhouse

Dourone @ Mulhouse 04/30/2017

Continuing his tour around several countries, Dourone sent us his latest huge piece of art. The Spanish artist continues to surprise all, by creating these bright pieces, full of colour. (more…)


DOURONE MURAL IN CAPE TOWN, South Africa 04/04/2017

After a visiting Johannesburg, the creation of CAMISSA mural took place in Cape Town. DOURONE created CAMISSA, which is the ancient name the indigenous people Khoi gave 2000 years ago to the city of Cape Town. (more…)

Paliyo Murales

Paliyo Murales 04/01/2017

Paliyo Murales is a street art duet of artists from Buenos Aires , Argentina. They create imaginative murals around the area of BA and truly manage to beautify every surface they work on. (more…)


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