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artist Shalak Attack


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Shalak Attack

Shalak Attack is an emerging Canadian-Chilean visual artist dedicated to painting murals, graffiti, canvas, as well as working with several mixed media approaches such as jewelery, illustration, installation, sound, video, and tattoo. In the past ten years, Shalak has participated in various artistic projects and exhibitions in Canada and internationally. 
In Shalak’s artistic practice, she fuses the spirit and the aesthetics of traditional South American muralism with contemporary graffiti/ street art. Vibrant colours speak through evocative portraits of both real and imaginary characters. Shalak uses colour as a tool to create visual narratives that celebrate and question cultural identity and socio-political values. Her murals have contributed culture, life, consciousness and personality to public and otherwise forgotten spaces. Shalak often seeks to collaborate and dialogue with communities and other artists for the evolution and enrichment of her visual language.

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