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Skount wall in Amsterdam 2017-06-23

Skount wall in Amsterdam

Skount painted this wall, titled “Protection, natural cohesion and the soul’s messengers”, but it has been a secret until few weeks ago, when the Amsterdam Street Art Museum published their opening for next year!

Skount painted this mural for “Street art / Urban contemporary art museum” created by Streetart Today.

Skount Amsterdam (10)

This mural is inspired by the legends of the X ts’unu’um (Hummingbird in Maya) and the relationship of humans with nature and the celestial.

All the cultures that have existed in our history have bequeathed us their most intimate experience through symbolic language. To relate to the spiritual world, and to synthesize that mystical relationship with life through the symbol, it is fundamental for the encounter between the divine and the human.

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As the artist explains: ”In this mural I have illustrated a hand (as a symbol of blessing and protection) with a drawn circle, holding a human entity, since above all the symbolic cosmos, the circle arises, like the wheel of life that spins The whole nature, with its cycles, its rhythms and its eternal movement. It is, therefore, the totality, the integrity and the realization.”

”At the same time I have also illustrated some hummingbirds, according to some Mayan legends, are the ones in charge of transporting the thoughts and desires of the men and at the same time they collect the souls to guide them to the Paradise, since the man, when dying, leaves the body in the Earth but the soul continues its existence; It detaches and flies into a flower. This is because they fly from flower to flower.”

Skount Amsterdam (1)

So this mural represents a cycle of the passage of our spiritual feeling, the relationship of the soul with the Earth, humanity, and our belonging to a greater whole than ourselves.

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