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Meeting Of Styles – 2020

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Read: 4th Vukovart – Street Art Festival

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Elisa Capdevila paints community mural in Barcelona

Elisa Capdevila paints community mural in Barcelona 12/27/2019

Elisa Capdevila has painted a community mural in l’Hospitalet de Llobregat Barcelona. The project, framed within the Pla Integral Les Planes – Blocs la Florida, is part of the council’s initiative and Rebobinart has been the responsible for its production. (more…)

Pat Perry’s first mural in Swedish village

Pat Perry’s first mural in Swedish village 09/24/2019

It is her first mural in Sweden and it became an instant success in the rural village of Simlångsdalen. Prior to the project, Pat Perry traveled in the area around (more…)

Nespoon new murals in Belorado

Nespoon new murals in Belorado 08/27/2019

Polish artist Nespoon was invited to Belorado in Spain by the independent cultural organization StARTer Proyectos Culturales, led by curator Estela Rojo and an artist Regue Fernández, (more…)

New walls in Łódź by Guido van Helten

New walls in Łódź by Guido van Helten 08/20/2019

Last June Urban Forms Foundation from Łódź, Poland had a chance to host Guido van Helten for a very exciting, big project.The Foundation and the artist have already had two projects together – in Poznań and Grudziądz, (more…)

ARCY mural for CITYCALL vol3 Festival in Greece

ARCY mural for CITYCALL vol3 Festival in Greece 06/27/2019

Urbanact completed a new mural in the framework of the “CityCall” mural art festival, in the city of Volos in Greece. The mural was created by ARCY, a guest artist from the USA, (more…)

Phil Akashi

Phil Akashi 05/19/2019

Phil Akashi (Brussels, 1978) is a nomadic artist known for his conceptual and cross-cultural experiments with language, materiality and aesthetics.



Fikos 04/23/2019

Fikos was born in 1987 in Athens, the city he still calls home. From a young age he painted whatever he saw around him – comics, landscapes, icons and more. (more…)


ROBOCOOP 03/28/2019

 ROBOCOOP is an experimental and research art duo project with a background in architecture, currently living between Rome and London. Working mainly in the urban context of the city, their aim is to document the architecture world comparing it to the past, using different tools – as collages, installations, photographs, engravings, drawings etc – with a provocative and reflexive approach. (more…)

Nespoon mural in Delhi

Nespoon mural in Delhi 03/25/2019

On the occasion of International Womens Day 2019 Polish female artist, Nespoon, painted in Delhi a mural inspired by the traditional women led crafts (more…)


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