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Meeting Of Styles – 2020

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Best of 2018

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International Public Art Festival

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The art of inspiring


Read: Discovering street art in Athens

Read: Discovering street art in Athens

by Ivana De Innocentis

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F CK For Parma – Italian Capital of Culture 2020

F CK For Parma – Italian Capital of Culture 2020 August 12th, 2019

Internationally acclaimed Street Artist Flavio Campagna KAMPAH (F CK) is going to have a big personal Multimedia Exhibition in his original town of Parma in the year 2020, when the city will be the Italian Capital of Culture for that year.

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”The Hero Is You” by Lapiz

”The Hero Is You” by Lapiz April 6th, 2018

The mural shows a large figure wearing a golden mask depicting the face of Edward Snowden. To the right is a quote by ES: “The hero is you”. However, the word “hero” is crossed out by a figure resembling Barak Obama who is replacing it with the word “terrori..”.

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Large stencil mural by Monstfur (PL)

Large stencil mural by Monstfur (PL) September 10th, 2016

MONSTFUR – OUR RUST is an example of a mural which develops the main topic of Monstfur creation – namely the passing of matter. In this case, by scaling the concrete slabs artists create a “monument” for the fallen industry in Czestochowa (PL).

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Lapiz on Rio Olympics at MOS in Germany

Lapiz on Rio Olympics at MOS in Germany June 26th, 2016

New Zealand street artist Lapiz, recently attended the Meeting of Styles event organised in Wiesbaden, Germany. The artist got a beautiful wall, where he painted a re-interpretation of the Olympic flag. Instead of interconnected rings he painted 4 groups of people each representing a neglected tropical disease.

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StinkFish creates in Marseille

StinkFish creates in Marseille April 13th, 2016

Colombian street artist has just sent us his last quick piece of work in Marseille, at the back of the ruins in the Ancien Magasin Industriel A. Biétron. He always picks carefully his spot and this time

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Special Valentine’s Day STREETART

Special Valentine’s Day STREETART February 14th, 2016

Where there is great Love, there is Art. It’s Valentine’s Day today, let’s share some great Street Art ! “Art must be an expression of love or it is nothing.” ~Marc Chagall

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Said Dokins & Monkey Bird in San Miguel de Allende, MX

Said Dokins & Monkey Bird in San Miguel de Allende, MX January 27th, 2016

Here is the last collaboration of Said Dokins with Edouard Egea from Monkey Bird crew (Fr) in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. The wall is contains twisting symbolic orders of political enunciation.

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Stinkfish new wall in Quito – Ecuador

Stinkfish new wall in Quito – Ecuador December 23rd, 2015

Colombian street artist Stinkfish, has just finished a new piece in the city of Quito – Ecuador for the Detonarte Festival. A massive wall depicting one child face. His familiar style was applied on this building wall on a scale to be seen from very far. Enjoy.

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Stinkfish + Empty Boy :: Bogota

Stinkfish + Empty Boy :: Bogota November 29th, 2015

Colombian street artist Stinkfish has returned to his native city Bogota after a long world tour travelling to several distant locations. His last wall comes from Bogota in Collaboration with local friend and artist ”Empty Boy”, an amazing stencil maker.

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