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Meeting Of Styles – 2022

Meeting Of Styles – 2022

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The art of inspiring


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Read: 4th Vukovart – Street Art Festival

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Poetic LGBTQI street art by Anthea Missy

Poetic LGBTQI street art by Anthea Missy 05/18/2021

Ta nature m’est fleur” is a carte blanche work commissioned by Cultural Centre la Villa Culture Ganshoren (Brussels) to the artist Anthea Missy. For the International LGTBQI+ Rights Day, (more…)


Nozo1 05/13/2021

NOZO1 is a street artist from Greece and a graduate student of Architecture at the National University of Athens.
His career started through graffiti on the walls of his hometown, Chalkida. Over the years he has been dealing with the visual arts. He mainly uses the black and white color palette with sociopolitical messages. (more…)

New Mural by Lauren YS & Fundraising Campaign

New Mural by Lauren YS & Fundraising Campaign 04/26/2021

As part of the ongoing effort to curb anti-Asian hate and raise awareness about the history of the Asian-American Diaspora, Lauren has painted this homage to Asian resilience in Chinatown, LA. (more…)

Native Posada inspired mural by artist Fosil

Native Posada inspired mural by artist Fosil 04/19/2021

Mexican artist Fosil drives us deeper in to his latest mural creation in Guanajuato, explaining the deeper meanings of his symbolisms interwined with a historical and cultural background of a nearly forgotten ancient central American culture. (more…)

Vibrant Shelter Transformation in Malton

Vibrant Shelter Transformation in Malton 04/17/2021

Art of Protest Projects and Malton Town Council are excited to bring the ever talented London based but Scarborough bred artist duo STATIC to the town of Malton! (more…)


Malakkai 04/12/2021

Born in Almeria and currently living in Copenhagen. Urban illustrator and artist. His first contact with graffiti was in late 1999 and he instantly fell in love with this dangerous and unhealthy but colorful utensil spitting paint. Illustration and characters have been his main passion, always with irony, a touch of melancholy and trying to contextualize with a background story. (more…)


Llukutter 04/11/2021

Urban artist and Social Educator, born and residing in Lleida. His work focuses mainly on the stencil technique (template) although he does not miss the opportunity to discover and practice other muralism techniques. Provide more color where it is needed and generate a reaction, a change or at least, not leave indifferent. Growing at the same rate as large projects, large initiatives, with great enthusiasm and without losing the essence, believes in those around him and values everything that can offer, believes in the value of what you do and what you can show the rest. (more…)

Reisefieber – Travel Fever by LAPIZ

Reisefieber – Travel Fever by LAPIZ 03/26/2021

There is a German phrase “Reisefieber” roughly translated to “travel fever” which describes the feeling of unrest and excitement before you go travelling especially to exotic locations. (more…)

Anamorphic wall by Kas Art in abandoned factory

Anamorphic wall by Kas Art in abandoned factory 03/23/2021

“Still I heal” is the title of this impressive anamorphic artwork created recently by Kas Art in an abandoned factory of Porto, Portugal.



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