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Alessio B latest murals 2022-06-22

Alessio B latest murals

Italian street artist Alessio B, aka Bolo, was very nice to send us his latest mural artworks from Upfest and Caorle Sea festival on the Adriatic sea!

It’s a 4×6.5m wall I painted in Nursery St. Bristol, UK, for Upfest 2022. I just wanted to paint my beloved Oreste and have fun. It was very very well accepted by the family living in the house, and 4 years old daughter of the family living there spent all of her time watching me painting. She was funny and amazing. No special concept on the wall, except for the freedom represented by the act of painting. I painted a slightly more graffiti stilish outline and just wanted to have fun in doing that. The wall has been painted in 2 days and a half.

Painted for Caorle Sea Festival 2022, this 15×7.5m wall has been painted in 5 days. The main idea behind it was to represent the strong relationship existing (or that should exist) between the human being and the creatures living in the sea: we are all part of the same world and we’re wasting it. I wanted to be a little ironic in some detalis, like the little boat pattern on the swim-trunks.




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