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Meeting Of Styles – 2020

Meeting Of Styles – 2020

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Best of 2018

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The art of inspiring


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Read: 4th Vukovart – Street Art Festival

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Jay Kaes honours First Black Professional Footballer

Jay Kaes honours First Black Professional Footballer 10/29/2020

The world’s first black professional footballer and first fastest man on the planet Arthur Wharton has been honoured with a huge mural by Spanish Street Artist Jay Kaes. (more…)


ERB MON 10/24/2020

Erb Mon, painter and muralist Hipanic / Brazilian. For a decade (98/08) and under another name, he devoted himself to photography and street art with posters of his images on the walls of Barcelona. His incessant creative activity achieved dozens of publications in the press and various collective exhibitions. (more…)

Silver Formz

Silver Formz 10/23/2020

Silver Formz originates and lives in Greece. The large-scale works created by the artist in the public space are products of social and political inspiration and aim to attract the attention of the everyday passer-by and makes one think about the contemporary reality. The use of black as a background, the lack of colors and the “provocative” figures he uses also contribute to this. (more…)

Urban Art Fest Styria with Mots, HNRX, Jacoba Niepoort and Lunar

Urban Art Fest Styria with Mots, HNRX, Jacoba Niepoort and Lunar 10/20/2020

The Urban Art Festival Styria 2020 in Graz recently launched at the beginning of October, is an annual street art event that features sprawling new murals across the city and villages from the region. (more…)

Coastal front intervention by Art in Progress

Coastal front intervention by Art in Progress 10/19/2020

Art in Progress with its programme ”Change the city”, continues its vision for a public spaces full of colors, culture and contemporary art, (more…)



RUN is an active female street artist from Iran since 2012! She started traveling since 2017 to different countries to paint murals and do streetart. Initialy she started off with stencils but in several years she learned how to do free painting! (more…)

Interactive Neon wall by SpiderTag

Interactive Neon wall by SpiderTag 10/16/2020

Artist SpiderTag presents his latest creation titled ”Interactive Neon Mural #10” in Lyon, France, for Peinture Fraiche Festival, an event with more than 50 national and international street artists, (more…)

Concrete Jungle by Xenz in Norway

Concrete Jungle by Xenz in Norway 10/13/2020

British street artist Xenz has created a colourful concrete jungle in Sandvika, Oslo. Despite their formidable size, the columns remain dwarfed by Sandvika railway bridge, (more…)

Ludo in Beirut

Ludo in Beirut 10/05/2020

We bring you the new project of installations by artist Ludo who recently travelled and worked in Beirut, Lebanon. The project was called “REBOOT”. Ludo is a Paris-born street artist working primary in the wheat-pasting technique. (more…)


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Interview: Rosh333

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